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 Poseidon Magnus's Info

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Bobby Gruesome

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PostSubject: Poseidon Magnus's Info   Fri Jun 07, 2013 5:59 am

Name: Poseidon Magnus
Height: 7 ft
Weight: 300 lbs
Alignment: Face
Nicknames: The Physical Tank or The Human Tank.
Bio: "Probably one of the strongest individuals to ever step foot in IWA, Magnus first appeared in season one when he destroyed countless opponents week after week, as well as delivering the famous Triple Reverse Grapple slam on Bford, La Mistica and Romulus during the main event of Termination. At the PPV; War Games I Magnus came up short in his bout for the international championship, but once again was not pinned. Later in the night Poseidon would enter number four and eliminate 15 of the 29 other competitors but once again would ultimately become runner up. After the Rumble, Magnus would accept a job as the head trainer for the IWA's development territories.

After Several seasons of absence Magnus once again returns to IWA with the promise of wreaking devastation on all of his opponents."


Reverse Grapple Slam

Poseidon Magnus lifts the opponent on his shoulders backwards and slams him on the mat executing ULTIMATE Reverse Grapple Slam

Double Reverse Grapple Slam

Poseidon Magnus lifts both of the opponents on his shoulders backwards and slams them both on the mat executing ULTIMATE Double Reverse Grapple Slam

Triple Reverse Grapple Slam

Poseidon Magnus lifts all three of the opponents on his shoulders backwards and slams all three of them on the mat with great effort executing ULTIMATE Triple Reverse Grapple Slam

-The last finisher usually leaves Poseidon staggering for a bit


- Former CEO of Magnus Pro Sports & IWA
- 1x International Champion
- 1x Global Tag Champion
- King Of IWA
- 3x Superstar of The Season
- Creator of IWA
- Former General Manager of IWA
- The Most Hated Man in the Company
- Owner of King Bobby Gruesome, Silverberg & Poseidon Magnus
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Poseidon Magnus's Info
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