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 Cast Aside

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PostSubject: Cast Aside   Thu Jun 13, 2013 2:21 pm

We go outside where we are following Sarah Lane looking for something in the parking lot.  She seems to spot her target and she points.  The camera pans over and we see The Rejects' RV in the distance.  She walks over to it and we see Kid A squatting on top with a BB rifle pointed up in the air.  Baby is lying next to him with some binoculars.

Sarah Lane:  "Hey, what are you guys doing?"

Kid A:  "What's it look like?  We're huntin' vermin."

Baby: "If you're wanting to talk, Sarah, just climb on up here.  Ladder's in the back."

She points over to it without looking from her binoculars and Sarah looks nervously at the camera before going around and climbing.  It takes her some time to climb up but she does it slowly and steadily we join them on the roof.

Kid A:  "Racoons, squirrels, and maybe rats.  Ever had rat stew?  It's delicious."

Baby:  "There, two o'clock!"

Kid A points his air rifle in that direction and shoots but looks annoyed afterwards at the apparent miss.

Sarah Lane:  "Um, I don't think I had the pleasure.  I'm just wondering if I could get some words from you guys about yet another title defense and maybe your plans on the future."

Baby:  "It's something ain't it.  There's only been two Heavyweight Champions in this company and Kid is proving he's worthy of the title.  This is what we call domination.  This is the most important title in wrestling and Kid A is the top name." 

Sarah Lane:  "With some help?"

Baby:  "I can't help it if people get distracted by my looks in the middle of the dang match, Sarah.  The Mutt needed more discipline.  All these guys do.  But what I was getting at was is that it's going to keep up like this for a great while.  Especially given today's tragic events."

Sarah Lane:  "What do you mean?"

Kid A:  "Well, Miss Lane, why do you think I, the damn champion, am up here shootin' off my rifle instead of tearin' up some guy in that arena right now?  We're told that it's the open fight night in there and that's just great.  Hell that's how people start makin' a name for themselves.  So imagine my surprise when my sister here come out an tells me that nobody has called me our or even mentioned me."

Baby:  "Not a single guy.  There!"

She points in the distance again and Kid shoots.  This time there is a small squeak and they both laugh as Sarah looks a bit squeamish.

Kid A:  "Ha!  Now, Sarah.  I understand the worry some of them have.  I guess I am an imposin' figure in that place.  I can get carried away a bit in the middle of combat... but there should still be somethin' there.  Ambition.  I'm just a man, right?  How can these people expect to be on my level if they don't test themselves.  They're all wrapped up in their own petty rivalries while I sit up here on the montain top darin' anyone to make the climb.  The result will be sure in the end but maybe, just maybe, they might've gotten me to show a weakness.  That's somethin' right?"

Baby:  "Don't worry.  As disappointed as I am as well it has become clear what our next course of action is."

Sarah Lane:  "What's that?"

She turns the binoculars on Sarah and points at her with her fingers forming a pistol.

Baby:  "We're going huntin'."

They begin to laugh again and Sarah is taken aback as this laugh has a bit more of a maniacal tone.  We zoom out as Sarah looks on nervously as Baby passes her the binoculars to spot for Kid A herself.
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Cast Aside
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