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 IWA's Genesis

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PostSubject: IWA's Genesis   Tue Jun 18, 2013 11:55 am

A lightining bolt hits the stage as "Written in the Stars" begins to play. Chris Sparks comes out wearing a White IWA T-Shirt with a black vest, and black shades. He walks down smiling as the crowd boos him with a few women screaming for him. Chris Slides into the ring and grabs a mic

Chris: Please... hold all applause until the end!

He smiles taking off his shades as the crowd boos him somemore

Chris: Last week... I single handedly defeated Two of IWA's best superstars... I did the impossible. I went up against the self-proclaimed "Most Charismatic man in IWA", and the other self-proclaimed Giant... Well last week... I didn't see a lot of Charisma Bford... and TDG... wasn't looking like a big bad giant... in fact.. in the middle of the match... he looked like a scared little puppy! I took on two former IWA Termination Champions! The fact that there's no gold around my waist yet... tch... after that match I wouldn't be surprised if one of those So called champions begged for me to take the title from them.

An uproar of boos begins as Chris paces in the ring smirking

Chris: Last week... King Gruesome, allowed me to fight the entire match! He trusted in his pupil that much against his former partner! And that is what leads to greatness! Trust. That is why we are the Genesis! IWA doesn't need another Stable that's filled with egotistacal men who will just turn on each other. IWA doesn't need anymore unsuccesful tag teams that last no more than a few seasons! IWA doesn't need some random superstar coming in with some new manager claiming they're going to change this company and expecting to go to the top and a few seasons from then on will just be a jobber..... IWA needs a new beginning! Two men who trust each other! They need their King, Bobby Gruesome, who is the best in the world. They need me, Chris Sparks, a man who has defied all uncertanties! IWA you are all infected with false hopes, and dreams, when you need a dose of reality.You need not fear us, but to embrace us. We are your future, we are the light at the end of the tunnel. We...are.. The Genesis!

Chris drops the mic and closes his eyes extending his arms as the crowd boos him, he smiles as the camera fades to black and goes to commercial
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IWA's Genesis
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