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 Newcomer of the Season Award (open to DJ Bay, 1st Award)

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PostSubject: Newcomer of the Season Award (open to DJ Bay, 1st Award)   Tue Jun 18, 2013 4:43 pm

*The camera fades to the arena where Autumn is seen standing on the stage with a microphone in her hand by her mouth. 

Autumn: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to IWA's first ever Seasonal Awards Ceremony"

*The crowd starts cheering*

Autumn: "So now lets start with the Newcomer of the season award. To present the award and announce the winner, please welcome Ken Comaro"

*The crowd continues cheering for him as he gets up and puts his headphones on the table. He is seen wearing a black tuxedo. He then walks to the stage and then to the podium on the stage. As he reaches the podium, Autumn hands him the microphone. She then walks back to the timekeepers area as Ken Comaro stands infront of the podium and starts talking*

Ken Comaro: "Thank you very much and this is my great honor to announce the winner of the Newcomer of the Season award. So lets get on with this"

*Ken Comaro then grabs the premium paper from the podium beside where the microphone is fixed. Ken Comaro then looks at the crowd and slowly unfolds the paper. He then flips it upside down to read the winner. He then fades in a smile after reading the paper. He then puts it back down and starts speaking*

Ken Comaro: "And the winner is..."

*A drum roll is heard from the speakers*

Ken Comaro: "DJ BAY"

*The crowd starts cheering and clapping. Ken Comaro grabs the award and looks at the entrance waiting for DJ Bay*

OOC- You can grab the award from Ken and give a speech
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PostSubject: Re: Newcomer of the Season Award (open to DJ Bay, 1st Award)   Wed Jun 19, 2013 1:40 am

Lights across the arena turn off. Then purple fireworks spark on the light while 'Ali in the Jungle' by The Hours plays and some of D.J.Bay's greatest matches are played over. D.J.Bay steps out to admire the crowd.

D.J.Bay: "You know, when I first joined IWA. I knew what I wanted. I knew what I needed. I nearly had what I needed. But I didn't get it. 

*D.J.Bay moves towards the camera*

D.J.Bay: "So WHY did you vote for me. Is it because you thinks I was the best to watch. The most entertaining. The one who could just be laughed at. Is that why you voted me. Everyone thinks to little of me.....

*D.J.Bay turns around to face Ken*

D.J.Bay: "And I've had enough!"

DJ Bay leans down and runs with great speed towards Ken Comaro. He leaps forward driving his shoulder into Ken's gut knocking the air from his lungs and
driving him down into the floor with heavy force executing a HardCore Spore.

D.J.Bay: So from this point and on, I will prove to you all that  that I will get what I want, and you won't have to wait for long to see me do so. 

*D.J.Bay picks his award and leaves, leaving Ken on the ground.*
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Newcomer of the Season Award (open to DJ Bay, 1st Award)
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