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 Hurricane Earl Lockyer & Roussimoff vs. Perry Jenkins & El Boaro (End of match)

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Perry Jenkins

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PostSubject: Hurricane Earl Lockyer & Roussimoff vs. Perry Jenkins & El Boaro (End of match)   Tue Jun 18, 2013 9:24 pm

Roussimoff stalks a groggy El Boaro, he flexes his hand then places his hand on El Boaro's head and squeezes.
As Roussimoff squeezes El Boaro's head Perry Jenkins climbs on the top turnbuckle and hits Roussimoff with a flying missle dropkick.
Perry Jenkins then hits Hurricane Earl Lockyer off the ring apron to the floor.
El Boaro beats down Roussimoff as Perry Jenkins climbs to the top turnbuckle again.
Suddenly Hurricane Earl Lockyer pulls Perry Jenkins leg from under him making him fall on the turnbuckle, Hurricane Earl Lockyer takes out brass knuckles and knocks Perry Jenkins off the turnbuckle on the floor outside the ring.
The referre rings the bell as Hurricane Earl Lockyer enters the ring and Roussimoff rolls out of the ring in pain.
Earl lifts a groggy El Boaro unto his shoulders, he holds him for a moment, then falls back bringing El Boaro down on his knees executing an E.L. 91
Perry Jenkins regains consiousness and runs into the ring to aid El Boaro.
Hurricane Earl Lockyer runs out of the ring taking his title and Roussimoff heading to the backstage area as Earl lifts his title in the air.
Perry grabs a mic as he stuggles to catch his balanceas El Boaro sits in the corner

Perry Jenkins: "I'm going to get you, you rat bastard!"

Perry takes deep breathes as El Boaro puts his hand on Perry's shoulder.
Perry looks at El Boaro as Earl and Roussimoff head to the back.

Perry Jenkins: "El Boaro I wanna thank you for taking me partners place tonight.I also relize your entitled to a rematch for the International Title. And Boaro I really hope there is no hard feeling for what im about to do.

Perry Jenkins lifts El Boaro on his shoulders
and does a rolling front flip executing a Ultimate Xposure

Perry Jenkins: "Welcome to the title hunt!!!!"

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Hurricane Earl Lockyer & Roussimoff vs. Perry Jenkins & El Boaro (End of match)
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