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 The Golden Chase (closed)

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PostSubject: The Golden Chase (closed)   Sat Jun 22, 2013 11:32 am

*The lights across the arena shut down. Suddenly Remember the name by Fort Minor hits across the arena. Calixte slowly walks out with a smile in his face. He looks around at the crowd from the stage then continues walking down. He slides in the ring and then walks to the corner of the ring asking for a microphone. He then walks to the center of the ring not looking happy anymore*

Calixte: "Last week, I was supposed to make my debut and it was an open fight night. I guess the general manager doesn't know what that means. It means, he is not the incharge for the night for the matches. But he had to break the meaning of the 'open fight night' and come out and postpone our match"

*Calixte pauses as the crowd remains quiet*

Calixte: "But thats not all. Matt Lebleux is not the only one that I'm mad at. There's Enigmatic Savior who thinks he is capable of doing anything he wants. Here's fact Savior, you are still a normal weak person and to those people, I crumble them into pieces. I don't need a partner to beat you. All I need is you infront of me as a prey. I know tonight is IWA's first ever Seasonal Award Ceremony and everyone's happy and excited about it and I'm sure you will be satisfied and happy with the show except Enigmatic Savior"

*Calixte pauses and gives the camera a smirk*

Calixte: "You've been some trouble around here Savior. Tonight, lets see if you fight the way you talk. And also lets see if you're worthy enough to be a champion"

*Calixte drops the microphone as the crowd starts cheering. Remember the name by Fort Minor plays across the arena as Calixte slides out of the ring and walks out*
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The Golden Chase (closed)
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