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 Character Reveal (closed)

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PostSubject: Character Reveal (closed)   Sat Jun 22, 2013 11:45 am

*Calixte is seen walking backstage to the ring. Sarah Lane suddenly walks to him*

Sarah Lane: "Hi Calixte. I was wondering if I can ask you something?"

Calixte: "Alright go ahead"

Sarah Lane: "So how do you plan on winning this two on one handicap ladder match tonight?"

Calixte: "Its pretty simple. I'm gonna walk out there. Beat Enigmatic Savior to the ground and climb that ladder to become the new number one contender for the title"

Sarah Lane: "But its two on one handicap match as well. How do you plan on handling Stewson? I'm sure he wants to become the new number one contender as well?"

*Calixte smiles at Sarah leaving her confused for a second*

Calixte: "Its no doubt that Stewson is one piece of a scumbag. That little bratt is nothing other than one attention seeker. I obviously cant trust him. So tonight, I'm just gonna be using that little scumbag to my advantage. After we take out Savior, he's gonna be next. They wont stand a single chance against me. They still have to see me in ring"

*Calixte fades in a smirk and walks away*

Sarah Lane: "A very confident Calixte here tonight"

*The camera cuts to commercial*
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Character Reveal (closed)
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