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 Cameron Needs profile

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Perry Jenkins

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PostSubject: Cameron Needs profile   Sat Jun 22, 2013 11:33 pm

Name: Cameron Needs
Age: 24
From: Leipers Fork, Tennessee
Height: 6'
Weight: 230 lbs
Face or Heel: FACE 

Last Call

Cameron Needs goes to the corner as he waits for his stunned opponent gets up and turn around as Cameron Needs super kicks his opponent in the face executing a Last Call

Houston Hangover
Cameron Needs climbs the top turnbuckle as he looks down at his grounded opponent. Cameron then looks around the arena and yells "it's time to get hammered!" he does a front flip in mid air and hits his opponent with a leg drop executing a Huston Hangover

One More Shot
Cameron Needs lifts his opponent in a powerbomb position and slams his opponent into the turnbuckle executing a One More Shot

Rehab (submission)
Cameron Needs stalks his opponent and he turns around. His opponent turns around as Cameron jumps on him, wraps his legs around his opponent and wrenching his head hold the submission executing a Rehab

- IWA World Heavyweight Champion
- x1 Xtreme Division Champion
- x1 Superstar of the Season
- x2 Feud of the Season Award winner
- x2 Most Loved Superstar Award winner
- Former Leader of The Revolution
- Owner of Laura Brand, Ravaging Ron and Cameron Needs
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Cameron Needs profile
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