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 Fallen off

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PostSubject: Fallen off   Sun Jun 23, 2013 12:43 am

Bford is seen sitting on the turnbuckle looking around, mic in hand, nodding to the fans who cry out to him. He has a sterness to his face.

Bford: I'll admit it...Lately.... I haven't been showing you all what I'm truly capable of.... Maybe it was after I lost the Termination Title.... maybe I'm not taking my training seriously... many however.. think I've fallen off... to say something like that, I must not be at the top of my game...So I've come up with a solution.... I'm giving you, the IWA universe, a chance to see that I am still the Most charismatic man in IWA history, and the Innovator of greatness! If you would all look at the titan-tron please.

On the Tron is Three names: J Hammer, Cody Smith, and Chris Sparks

Bford: One of these men will get to face me and I will show you all, by giving them the biggest Ass Whooping of their careers. So who's it going to be... The Mac Daddy of IWA J Hammer.. The brother of the legendary Hysteric, Cody Smith.... or Chris Sparks... the choice is yours... so who will it be...

There is a drumroll as Bford waits for the results

(Then I guess the percentage thingy on my poll will show up on the titan tron, or however you guys wanna work this. This rp is kinda rushed and not really how I wanted to do it, had more ideas but got busy with stuff, hope it's used)
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Fallen off
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