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 It's time to focus

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Perry Jenkins

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PostSubject: It's time to focus   Tue Jun 25, 2013 4:13 am

Camera fades to Perry's locker room.
Ravaging Ron and Cameron Needs are
sitting down while Perry Jenkins paces back
and forth. Perry looks down at the ground as he
paces and talks to himself

Perry Jenkins: "He thinks he can get the best of me. He thinks he's better than me..."

Cameron interrupts Perry 

Cameron Needs: "Perry you need to chill."

Cameron trys to hand Perry a beer, but
Perry smacks it out of his hand.

Perry Jenkins: "Get that crap out of my face! You think drowning myself in alcohol will solve my problems?"

Cameron Needs: "It does wonders for me!"

Perry shakes his head as he grabs Cameron's
6-pack of beer and throws in the trash.
Cameron looks baffled as Perry looks at both
him and Ron

Perry Jenkins: "Damn it! It's time to focus guys. For the last few weeks we have let Hurricane Earl and his group of idiots run around here and beat the crap out of us! I don't know about you guys but im tired of them. If they havn't let a fire under your asses by now allow me to do it."

Perry looks at Cameron Needs

Perry Jenkins: "I've noticed something about you. You have real talent and potential Cameron. I can see it in you! When that rookie tournament started last season you were the only rookie I saw potential in, I hand picked you myself. Your serious down fall is that poison I just threw in the trash. You've won one match so far in your career. Are you proud of that?"

Cameron face palms as he looks at the
ground in disappointment.

Perry Jenkins: "Last week you were supposed to be my tag team partner, but what happened. You let your guard down and let Rossimoff take uou out. If it wasn't for your damn drinking problem that wouldn't have happened. Now Cameron you listen to me and listen good, from now on, if even one drop of alcohol touches your lips, im dropping you. You hear me! DONE."

Cameron Needs looks up at Perry

Cameron Needs: "It wont be easy but you got my word."

Perry nods his head then looks at Ron

Perry Jenkins: "Ron the only thing I have to say to is, where the hell did your focus go? You held the hardcore title for two weeks, then you get attacked by a 50 year old ex wrestler twice, then you let a 50 pound brod low blow you during a match during a house show none to less!"

Perry turns his attention away from Ron and
paces again.

Perry Jenkins: "Trust me when I say I haven't been doing to hot either! But what I'm asking from the both of you is to focus! Don't let your guard down no matter what, don't trust anyone except each other. Together we will avenge ourselves and take down the once known as The Cardinal Sinners. It's time to bring our "A" game! You guys with me?

Ron and Cameron quickly glance at each other

Cameron Needs: "You got it!"

Ravaging Ron: "Til death Perry..."

Perry Jenkins: "Okay good now that we are focused, I have a surprise for those dumb bastards, they wanna bring a new member in, so will I.

All three of the smile with fire in there
The camera fades.

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- x2 Feud of the Season Award winner
- x2 Most Loved Superstar Award winner
- Former Leader of The Revolution
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It's time to focus
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