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PostSubject: Crucifiction   Tue Jun 25, 2013 11:08 pm

*The lights in the arena go out and all the fans begin to scream in craze. A single lightning bolt slams into the stage before its lit into flames with a loud sound of thunder*


*The fans scream again as the lights flash once... twice... three times before a cloaked figure is seen in the ring. The figure turns in the dim light and grins. The figure can barely be made out as Chaos Dimention. The fans begin to shudder and boo at the monsters face. He lets out a dark chuckle before he raises the mic to his steel mask slowly*

Chaos Dimention: "This face.. is not my face... this face... is a face chosen by that of an enemy. A face chosen by that of a nuisance to me and my cause, a face chosen by my own misconception, my own underestimation.. of The Depraved Giant."

*The fans cheer for the IWA Monster*

Chaos Dimention: "Yes, it seems no matter how many times I decimate, diminish and destroy this Giant, he comes back stronger, faster and more deadly. TDG has had his second coming, and the good book would state that during the second coming of the great one that all will be restored to its former glory... well am willing to bet that there will indeed be no successful second coming of the monster know as T..D..G.."

*The fans boo Chaos Dimention as the lights flash and an object is slowly lowered down from the ceiling on chains*

Chaos Dimention: "At War Games VIII, The Depraved Giant's second coming will come to a second and final end when I crucify the fable and the fairy tale that is The Depraved Giant in a Crucifiction Match. After cementing your corpse to this crucifix using razor wire, I will proceed to raise your lifeless body high above this ring for all of the believers to see... The Depraved Giant will fall and I will be declared superior.. in 2 weeks..."

*The lights flash and Chaos Dimention has vanished leaving the arena in a stir*

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