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 With partners like these

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PostSubject: With partners like these   Thu Jun 27, 2013 2:31 pm

*We cut to a pre-taped segment where we follow Justin Omega down the hall of a grubby boxing gym.  He comes into the main area with the ring in the middle.  We hear the noises of a match going on in the ring then Justin goes up to a worried looking Baby.*

Justin Omega:  "Hey, Baby B.  I'm here for the report on your guy.  How is Kid preparing for his tag team match with Muttley taking on Bobby Gruesome and Cory Atlas?"

Baby:  "He's doing just fine.  I set up this little sparring match with some students.  We're just here getting him ready for- Dangit, Kid."

*She jogs over to the ring where two guys on one corner stare at Kid A choking another man standing on the apron of the other corner.*

Baby:  "Kid, stop.  He's your partner.  Your not supposed to hurt him."

Kid A:  "This guy represents Muttley right?  I can get him can't I?"

*Baby sighs and shakes her head and Justin Omega glances at the camera for a second before addressing her.*

Justin Omega:  "Are you having some problems?

Baby:  "No.  Everything will be fine as soon as he gets that he'll have a partner this time.  Kid.  Tag out."

*Kid A nods and goes over and smacks his partner in the face then leaves the ring to stand next to him.*

Kid A:  "Well, get in there."

Justin Omega:  "Is this how it's going to go in the ring on Sunday?"

Baby:  "No he'll get it.  See, he hasn't been in a Tag Team Match in a long long time.  That's why he's a singles champ.  I just think he forgets sometimes."

Justin Omega:  "Never been in a tag match?"

Kid A:  "Never needed no partners.  I don't know why I'm even havin' a partner, especially Muttley.  I can take Gruesome and Atlas by myself.  You said Gruesome ain't no thing after we talked to him last week.  And Atlas is just wet behind the ears.  I can take 'em both on, no problem."

Baby:  "The powers that be do this sometimes.  They put you in there with people you don't like to face people you both don't like so as to shake things up.  Now look.  You're supposed to slap the man's hand to tag him in.  You don't hit your partner.  Think of him as me."

Kid A:  "I just want him to pay attention.  Atlas is a tag champ.  Gruesome is one from the before times that don't matter.  You say they're gonna have a leg up.  And you also said Muttley has a history of not playin' too nice with his partner, right?  I want him to know that I won't be victim to none of his backstabbin' ways.  He better be ready when I tag him in."

*He points accusingly at his sparring partner and the man flinches and nods.*

Baby:  "Just do it the right way for the purposes of this exercise."

*Kid's partner extends his hand and Kid looks at Baby before smacking his partner's hand and almost taking his arm off with the force.  Baby sighs again but seems distracted as Justin talks to her.*

Justin Omega:  "What do you think his chances are?"

Baby:  "He'll be alright.  As long as the team thing doesn't go against us, we'll win.  If it does well... he became the Heavyweight Champion after winning a Rumble so he's proven he can take care of himself when the rules go out the window.  If we lose this match it'll be because of Muttley.  Kid'll be fine."

*His partner goes into the ring to face their opponents but Kid trips him before getting out and looks away innocently.  Justin raises and eyebrow at Baby and she shrugs and smiles sheepishly.*

Baby:  "Mostly."

*We pan out to see Kid A snapping at his partner to tag him in with Baby and Justin looking on before the shot fades.*
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With partners like these
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