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 Back in action (closed)

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PostSubject: Back in action (closed)   Fri Jun 28, 2013 11:25 am

*The camera fades backstage to a locker room. Daniel Johnson is seen putting his elbow pads on his right elbow while Eric Jones is sitting on the bench*

Eric Jones: "How tough do you think this Daniel Mayers guy is?"

Daniel Johnson: "Not that tough. I can tell"

Eric Jones: "I've seen him quite a few times when I was here long ago but I don't know if he got better"

Daniel Johnson: "The guy has been out of the show for quite a while. I'm sure he's definitely not better than before"

Eric Jones: "You never know though. Are you ready?"

*Daniel Johnson is seen done putting his elbow pads on his left elbow*

Daniel Johnson: "Yep"

Eric Jones: "Alright lets go. Lets shake that ring, baby!"

Daniel Johnson: "alright"

*Daniel Johnson and Eric Jones then start walking out as the camera fades away to the next segment*
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Back in action (closed)
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