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 The Upcoming Of Winner and Champion

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PostSubject: The Upcoming Of Winner and Champion   Fri Jun 28, 2013 2:42 pm

Lights across the arena turn off. Then purple fireworks spark on the light while 'Ali in the Jungle' by The Hours plays and some of D.J.Bay's greatest matches are played over. D.J.Bay steps out to admire the crowd and his muscles before jogging to the turnbuckles across the rings while tensing his muscles to the crowd.He then asks for a microphone

D.J.Bay: "I don't want to dilly dally. I will just get straight to the point. On awards night, the night where winners are made and known, I got the best newcomer. Then I hit a finisher on Ken..."

*The tron plays a video of the award night when D.J.Bay hits a Spore On Ken, then moves forward to D.J.Bay walking off the stage. D.J.Bay chuckles while he watches this.*

Ken Comero: "That was not funny to me"

Rhys Trebian: "I guess you were at the wrong place at the wrong time"

D.J.Bay: "No, I do find it a bit unfair so I want to call out Ken to the ring to apologize."

Rhys Trebain: "Go on Ken, he wants to say sorry"

Ken Comero: Shut up"

*Ken slowly takes off his mic set and walks onto ringside behind the ropes.

Ken Comero: "I think I'll stay here"

D.J.Bay: "Suit yourself"

*D.J.Bay stands back then suddenly leans down and runs with great speed towards the Ken, catching him by surprise. He leaps forward driving his shoulder into Ken Comero's gut knocking the air from his lungs and
driving him down into the floor below with heavy force executing a Hard-Core Spore.*

D.J.Bay: "I am a winner. And tonight, I will give no mercy to my opponent, and will win just like at Open Fight Night against El Boaro, Just like at Award night. 'Cause now, right now, I'm the upcoming of a winner, the upcoming of a champion.

*D.J.Bay laughs while Ken wriggles in pain on the floor.*
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The Upcoming Of Winner and Champion
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