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 D.J.Bay Wrestler Info

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PostSubject: D.J.Bay Wrestler Info   Fri Jun 28, 2013 2:46 pm

Lights across the arena turn off. Then purple fireworks spark on the light while 'Ali in the Jungle' by The Hours plays and some of D.J.Bay's greatest matches are played over. D.J.Bay steps out to admire the crowd and his muscles before jogging to the turnbuckles across the rings while tensing his muscles to the crowd.

Spore - DJ Bay leans down and runs with great speed towards the large man that is Bulldozer
he leaps forward driving his shoulder into Bulldozers gut knocking the air from his lungs and
driving him down into the mat with heavy force executing a HardCore Spore

BAYporizer - DJ Bay grabs SNecrows and puts his head between his legs
He then lifts him up onto his shoulders and then swings him down yanking
him from his shoulders down onto the mat crushing his l
over back executing a LEGENDARY BAYporizer

Town:London, England


D.J.Bay grew up in a house near a seaside. They used to hold weight-lifting competitions, where D.J.Bay would join. At first he struggled and was made fun of, but as he worked harder and harder, rose to the top and soon had a streak of winning. He got his name D.J.Bay after his wonderful skills and the competion which was held near a bay.

Will add more
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D.J.Bay Wrestler Info
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