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 Meeting with the boss

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El Boaro

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PostSubject: Meeting with the boss   Fri Jun 28, 2013 4:56 pm

*The camera shows the inside of the GM office, where Matt Lebleux looks very busy, checking some papers on his desk. Suddenly, a knock at the door is heard.*

Matt Lebleux: "Come in!"

*The door opens, and El Boaro comes in.*

Matt Lebleux: "Ah, it's you..."

El Boaro: "You don't seem very happy to see me, Mr Lebleux"

*Matt Lebleux smiles*

Matt Lebleux: "No, no... It's simply that I never expected you to come to my office... Since I got this job, you never seemed to like me, and last week you still called yourself an "Alana Alexandra's guy..."

El Boaro: "And I will always be an "Alana Alexandra's Guy"... But you're the one who's in charge here, and I may not like you for the way you took this spot, but I must admit that you're doing a good job running the show..."

*With a smirk on his face, the GM motions El Boaro to take a seat.*

Matt Lebleux: "I guess that this is the closest you can get to a compliment, and I appreciate the effort."

Matt Lebleux: "So please, enlighten me... What brings you to my office? How can I help my FORMER International Champion?"

El Boaro: "Let's make this simple. Next week, I'm going to use my rematch clause for the title Earl stole from me..."

Matt Lebleux: "Seems legit. I need you to sign the cont..."

*El Boaro interrupts the GM grabbing his arm.*

El Boaro: "I'm not done yet. I also want the number one contender, Perry Jenkins in that match."

Matt Lebleaux: "This makes things more interesting.."

*Then with a sarcastic smile on his face*

Matt Lebleux: "But I don't understand... Aren't the two of you some kind of best friends? I'm pretty sure that you were kinda close when you both stood against me at Thirst for power..."

Matt Lebleux: "It's funny to see how Team Alana disrupted, one piece at the time... First Tzuki, then Earl, now you and Perry."

El Boaro: "Please cut the crap Lebleux.. As far as I can see, even your team doesn't seem to be on the same page any longer..."

*Matt nods*

El Boaro: "It looks like that in this business, all the partnership comes to an end, sooner or later. As for me and Perry, I still respect him, but after last week's attack, I'm not sure that I can still call him a friend."

Matt Lebleux: "So you want a Triple Threat Match for next Sunday?"

El Boaro: "No, I want a Steel Cage Triple Threat Match for next Sunday. I want to be sure that nobody from the Kardinal Sinners or The New Age get involved"

Matt Lebleux; "You know what? I like this..."

*Matt Lebleux starts laughing, but he stops immediatly.*

Matt Lebleux: "Sorry but I find this quite funny... If anybody ever told me that one day I was going to like you, I had punched him right in the face.. But I like your style, you showed me some attitude tonight. That's why I'm giving you this match."

*Matt Lebleux gets up from the seat, immediatly followed by El Boaro. Then the GM extends his hand to the masked wrestler, who shakes it. *

Matt Lebleux: "You can go now, I'll call you when the contract's ready..."

El Boaro: "Thanks Mr Lebleux!"

*Matt Lebleux sits back, while El Boaro makes his way out of the office.*

Matt Lebleux: "Ah, one more thing..."

*El Boaro turns back to the GM who's looking him straight in the eyes, stressing evry single word*

Matt Lebleux: "I want to give you a free advice kid. Don't ever touch me again."

*El Boaro leaves the room without replying*

OOC: To all the VGM... I already spoke with the Hysteric, Earl and Perry about making the match on week 4, because at the PPV I'm already in the CITC Match. I add the steel cage to make things more interesting and avoid (or at least making them more difficult) any interference, I hope that's ok with you. I told that too to Hysteric, but I never got an answer. If that's no good for you, feel free to edit Matt Lebleux response Wink
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Hurricane Earl Lockyer

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PostSubject: Re: Meeting with the boss   Fri Jun 28, 2013 8:12 pm

when did i agree to this? I forget
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Perry Jenkins

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PostSubject: Re: Meeting with the boss   Fri Jun 28, 2013 8:46 pm


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El Boaro

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PostSubject: Re: Meeting with the boss   Sat Jun 29, 2013 7:44 am

I wrote you both a PM during the first week, asking you if you were ok with this feud. At the time I also asked to include DJ Bay in it and make it a fatal 4 way, but you did not agree with that. To be honest, only Earl answered my PM once, while Perry never answered.. If you changed your mind, that's no prob for me, I can plan other things.
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PostSubject: Re: Meeting with the boss   Sat Jun 29, 2013 5:51 pm

Make up your mind guys. and PM me ASAP again, plz. This Rp's not in show yet!
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PostSubject: Re: Meeting with the boss   

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Meeting with the boss
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