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 Heading to PPV

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PostSubject: Heading to PPV   Fri Jun 28, 2013 5:58 pm

*Rise Today by Alter Bridge plays on the stereo as Enigmatic Savior makes his way up the ramp. He's wearing street clothes and sunglasses and has the title on his shoulder. The fans cheer him as he enters the ring. He climbs the turnbuckle and looks at the PPV sign and then looks at his title. He asks for a microphone and then stands in the middle of the ring still looking at the sign.*

Enigmatic Savior: Two weeks....

*"We are the Champions" begins to play and Enigmatic Savior looks at the entrance ramp and takes off his sunglasses. The crowd cheer as Nick "C4" Ford makes his way up the ring. He makes no contact with the fans and enters the ring. He stands face to face with Enigmatic Savior and looks him in the eye. He then looks at the PPV sign and then looks at Enigmatic Savior. Enigmatic Savior offers his hand and mouths something to Nick.*

Enigmatic Savior: Shake the hand and let's do this.

Nick shakes the hand. He then lifts Enigmatic Savior and drops him with a C4 Bomb. The crowd cheers as Nick makes his way back up the ramp as it heads to commercial.
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Heading to PPV
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