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 Looking forward to the PPV

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Enigmatic Savior
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PostSubject: Looking forward to the PPV   Wed Jul 03, 2013 5:17 pm

*Rise Today by Alter Bridge plays as Enigmatic Savior makes his way to the ring. Enigmatic Savior is wearing street clothes and has the title on his shoulder. The fans cheer as he makes his way down to the ring. Enigmatic Savior grabs a microphone and enters the ring.*

Enigmatic Savior: Finally, finally, finally. The match that you have all been waiting for is going to happen in just one week. One week and I will finally validate my career.

*Enigmatic Savior closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.*

Enigmatic Savior: I know what you're thinking. Why does a multiple world champion, former tag champion and the current IWA Unified Champion need to validate his career, surely it has been validated? But I need to know.

*Enigmatic Savior points to the Titantron. A video clip of Nick telling Enigmatic Savior that he's not worthy and the Enigmatic Savior superkicking Nick is shown.*

Enigmatic Savior: Its been over 20 years since that's happen and ever since then I've had the same question arise again and again. No matter what title I've won, whether it was the Master of Pain World championship or if it was any of the other titles I've won the same thing came up. Can you do it? Can you beat Nick?

*Enigmatic Savior puts his hand in front of his mouth.*

Enigmatic Savior: I know I can. And I will guarantee that next week I will beat Nick and I will show the world exactly who I am, not because I want to but because I know my career is worthless unless I can do it. I need to do it. You know, Nick I hope you're watching. I know that I'm in a 6 man tag team tonight and I'm going to use this opportunity to send you a message and let you see exactly what I've got in store for you at the PPV.

*Enigmatic Savior drops the microphone and heads to the back as it the show heads to commercial.*
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Looking forward to the PPV
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