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 Annoyances and Compromises

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PostSubject: Annoyances and Compromises   Thu Jul 04, 2013 11:36 am

*We go to the parking lot with Kid A stepping off his RV as he arrives at the show.  He is carrying a bag but wears the heavyweight title on his waist.  Baby B comes running up to him from the arena and stops.  She looks at him with a big smile and her hands behind her back.  He stops.*

Kid A: "What is it?"

Baby: "What?"

Kid A: "I know that look.  Something is wrong.  What you find out in there?

*Baby sighs and relaxes and they keep walking.*

Baby: "You got another tag match."

Kid A: "How?!  Didn't you make it clear to them that I don't-"

Baby: "It might of been because of that. Lebleux flexing his muscles.  It's even a six man this time."

Kid A: "So I gotta share the ring with two this time?"

Baby: "It didn't go so bad last week did it?"

Kid A:  "Not after I took charge of that thing and put Bobby out of his misery.  Then that weird thing haappened... Who am I-  Are we facing?"

Baby: "That guy who tried to attacked you, Logan Acid, his real partner Cory, and Enigmatic Savior for fun."

Kid A: "So as you said, that Acid guy gets jealous about Cory not being his partner for the night so tries to fight me.  He failed so then he gets a match with me tonight?  That's a heck of a thing.  Who are my so-called partners gonna be?"

Baby: "Calixte and a third of both of your choosing."

Kid A: "Calij... Cal- What?"

Baby: "Some rookie.  Has big plans from what I hear, but who doesn't.  Probably be a favor to him if you show him what a champion is.  It's just one more match."

Kid A: "It's a distraction... So I gotta babysit this guy and someone else.  I don't want anything to do with that.  Just let the guy pick our third himself.  Then they can work together to stay out of my dang way.  I'll probably be gunnin' for this Logan guy first.  Then take out your precious Cory.  Might leave the other guy as scraps for my partners if they behave.  What's Gruesome doing?"

Baby: "Seems like he got the night off.  Coming into the ppv nice and rested."

Kid A:  "Well that's just great.  Be like some hard meat I'll need to tenderize before consumption."

Baby: "So you good for tonight?"

Kid A: "Every day takes figuring out all over again how to live."

They arrive at the arena and he kicks the door open hollering something at the staff behind it.  They walk in.
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Annoyances and Compromises
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