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 Sarah Interviews The Kardinal Sinners

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Hurricane Earl Lockyer

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PostSubject: Sarah Interviews The Kardinal Sinners   Mon Jul 08, 2013 1:08 pm

*The camera find Sarah Lane in The Kardinal Sinners locker room, boos come from the fans*

Sarah: "I'm here with with the greatest faction in pro wrestling The Kardinal Sinners, who tonight will dominate the ppv, First, the man who will become the hardcore champion Stewson, what is your assessment of the other chumps in this match."

Stewson: "First let me talk about this guy Muttley, here's a guy who speaks of retiring, will I will help him retire, then you got this old has been Poseidon Magnus, the rusty tank don't trip over your walker on the way to the ring, I'll punch your one way ticket to the old folks home, and how about this jacked up steroid freak D.J. Bay, who only accomplishments lately was beating up an old man and ken comaro, i don't think he is much of a threat, and let's us not forget ol ronnie boy, tonight Mr. no wrestling will meet his end game, you know the only way this match will be a challenge is if I figure out how to wrestle myself".

Sarah: "well said now let me speak to the man who tonight will prove he is the greatest international champion of all time, my boyfriend Hurricane Earl, last week Earl you overcome a handicap situation to walk out as the champion' pinning Perry, who you will defeat again tonight, correct".

Earl: "Yes, last week I pinned Perry, and tonight i will pin him again, Perry your good I'll give you that, But I am greater than you and tonight all the idiots here in Houston Texas will witness first hand just how great I am".

Sarah: "Thank you guys"

*Earl takes the mic from Sarah*

Earl: "Now let me play interviewer for a moment, after all if Justin Omega can do it it can't be that hard can it, I would to ask Roussimoff and this hot babe, Sarah how they feel about their match".

Roussimoff: "Tonight Earl, Cameron Needs has to look across the ring at 7' 1 390 lbs of walking destruction, and when he is shaking in his boots, he'll wish that Perry hadn't made him give up all of that liquid courage, he flushed down his throat, but don't worry Cameron I won't let you suffer in fear for to long just long enough for you to to stain your depends, I will crush your skull like an egg".

Earl: "And now Miss Lane, how do feel about having to get in the ring and facing Laura Bland".

Sarah: "Ohhh I am quaking in my boots, with the idea of facing the bland one, so she has been all over the world, I have only been wrestling a short time but I am better than she ever was, and i will put here in a position she is probably used to, on her back staring up at the lights wondering what just happened with a stupid confused look on her face, tonight sinners will rise and the old age will fall".

Earl: "Well that's all for us here back to you Rhys and that other guy".

*The Camera fades as The kardinal Sinners are seen laughing.*
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Sarah Interviews The Kardinal Sinners
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