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 A shot at greatness

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PostSubject: A shot at greatness   Mon Jul 08, 2013 1:24 pm

Autumn is seen standing in the middle of the ring, she is also standing underneath a ladder, and suspended above the ladder tied to a rope is the Contract in the Case. Autumn holds a microphone and has a big smile on her face and begins to speak

Autumn: Ladies and Gentlemen... Bford!

The crowd erupts into cheers as the lights go out, leaving everyone in darkness. They begin chanting "Bford! Bford! Bford!" and then the following words are heard

Bford: I'm gonna Whoop.. That.. ASS!!!

The lights go back on as "Earthquake" by Labyrinth blares through the speakers. Bford comes out smiling and jumping around getting the crowd hyped. He's wearing a blue Jacket with the words "I. Whoop.@$$" on the back, each First letter spelling IWA. He smiles raising his fist and drops it, as he does fireworks begin to go off. Bford then runs down the ramp towards the ring and slides in. He smiles looking around at the fans, Bford walks over to Autumn and kisses her on the cheek, fans begins taking pictures of them. Autumn smiles and exits the ring, Bford then looks up at the ladder and climbs it he then sits at the top with a mic in his hand.

Bford: {Insert City or town here}... Are you ready for one of the greatest Paper-Views in IWA history... are you ready for One of the most grueling and painful Matches anyone's ever seen... are you ready... for Greatness?

The crowd chants "Yes Yes Yes!" to each question

Bford: If you answered yes to any of those questions, then You have come to the right place! Welcome... To War Games!

The crowd cheers again as Bford looks up at the case

Bford: Ladies and Gentlemen... tonight you will see an epic match... a match that guarantees a moment to become great... this Match is known by four letters...CITC... Whoever wins this match gets to cash this bad boy in at anytime... for any title... It's a chance for even the worst of underdogs to solidify their mark here and their career. Five men enter, only one will be standing with the case... so let's talk about these five men.... First El Boaro..

Fans cheer at El Boaro's name

Bford: One of the fastest high flyers this Roster has... former International Champion... There's a lot fight in you and it damn sure won't be an easy match with you in there... Respect

Crowd cheers

Bford: Tzuki... formerly known as Mr. Mexico, former Tag Champion with myself. and former Termination Champion... despite any personal feelings I have towards you, you're a great competitor, and I look forward to smashing your head in..

The crowd chants "Tzuki sucks, Tzuki sucks

Bford: Antonio Ramirez... You walk around here talking about how you're overlooked everywhere you go, let me tell you something, I wasn't always thought to be destined for greatness either.. jobbing in every wrestling promotion, living on a ramen noodle every night diet... then IWA found me, gave me a chance, saw my heritage, let me prove myself. Not to sound like I'm bragging but I think it'ssafe to say that I've become somewhat a force here in IWA... now you have your chance to show us all what you can really do! Don't dissapoint.

The crowd begins the "Bford" chants again

Bford: Logan Acid... your fast, strong, and aggresive. You have obtained championship gold. You my friend will be my main target... Let's see who is Faster, Stronger, and More Aggressive. Let's see if you have what it takes to make more history for yourself...

Lastly...there's me

Cheering is heared as Bford steps down the ladder and stands in the middle of the ring

Bford: The most Charismatic man in IWA... the Innovator of Greatness... Mr. 24/7... the man who will climb up this ladder reach up and go for it....B..........FOOOOOOOOOOORD!

The crowd says it in unison with Bford all cheering

Bford: A man who's been in more Ladder matches than anyone onthis entire roster.. who's held more Titles than anyone on this roster... who has the will, heart, and determination to be great..So El Boaro.. Tzuki... Antonio, and Logan... you four had better bring your A Game... cuz if you don't

Bford looks around smiling and tilts his head back closing his eyes


Crowd in unison: ASS!

Bford drops the mic and goes to the turnbuckle climbing it and raises his arms as the crowd cheers. His music playing as the camera goes to commercial
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PostSubject: Re: A shot at greatness   Tue Jul 09, 2013 12:38 am

nice RP brother Smile
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Posts : 576
Join date : 2012-05-26
Location : San Pedro, California

PostSubject: Re: A shot at greatness   Tue Jul 09, 2013 1:15 am

Thanks Ron =D good to see ya back bro
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PostSubject: Re: A shot at greatness   

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A shot at greatness
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