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 Nick 'C4' Ford

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PostSubject: Nick 'C4' Ford   Tue Jul 09, 2013 1:45 am

Name: Nick Ford
Nickname: 'C4'
Height: 6 ft 4
Weight: 300 pounds
Face/Heel: Tweener
Age: 45

Nick is a second Generation superstar. Son of the late Chris 'Hotwired' Ford,the innovator of the Starstruck Legdrop. And he's the father of Bford. Nick is a former World Heavyweight Champion, United States Champion, Tag Team Champion, and Hall of Famer. Nick was a major superstar in almost every federation he was in. One of them included a younger rookie Enigmatic Savior. Savior wanted to betrained by Nick C4 Ford, and be under his wing, but due to his attitude Nick told him he wasn't ready. Enigmatic savior then responded by delivering a superkick causing a thought to be career ending injury. After years of training and exercises Nick got back into shape and has healed. Now he is set to get back into the ring.

Entrance:(Will do later)

Sigs/Fins/Taunt (Will do later xD)
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Nick 'C4' Ford
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