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 Laura and Cameron interview

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Perry Jenkins

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PostSubject: Laura and Cameron interview   Tue Jul 09, 2013 3:16 am

The camera shows "The New Age" locker room
door as Justin Omega prepares to knock.
Laura and Cameron walk out before he does.

Justin Omega: "Hey, do you guys have a minute?"

Cameron Needs: "Of course brother, what's on your mind!?"

Justin Omega: "Well guys tonight is the night. Laura I know you and Cameron have worked and planned for this for the last couple weeks, do you feel you are both ready for this match?"

Laura Brand: "I feel we are more than ready for this. It's only going to be a match is going to be a lesson. Sarah Lane will be taught to not stick her nose in business she has no part of. I will teach her the being an interviewer is all she can be when I rearrange that pretty lil' face of hers."

Justin point the mic at Cameron

Cameron Needs: "Now Ross, everyone knows that you have beaten' me in the past. But tonight that will change. Tonight you will feel the wrath of an alcohol free Cameron Needs. Tonight is the night The New Age rises and the Kardinal Sinners fall!"

Justin Omega: "Thanks guys and good luck!"

Laura and Cameron walk off as the
camera fades

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Laura and Cameron interview
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