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 Alana's Retribution (RP 1)

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PostSubject: Alana's Retribution (RP 1)   Thu Jul 11, 2013 12:37 am

*Backstage in Matt Lebleux's Office the General Manager stands with his arms crossed looking at his TV screen as (winners of the first match) stand victorious in the ring, the fans scream loudly as Matt Lebleux chuckles lightly to himself. Suddenly his door opens and a horde of men wearing black suits and black shades step in. They look around and one whispers over his shoulder into his earpiece. A short moment passes before another small horde enters the office, amongst the horde stands a grinning IWA President, Dean Dellachecka*

Matt Lebleux: "D-Dean I uhh wasn't expecting yo-"

*Matt Lebleux is cut off as Dean begins to ramble*

Dean Dellachecka: "Dean? It's Mr. President to you or Sir you hear me son?"

*Before Matt can get a sound out Dean slams his cane into the shins of Matt Lebleux dropping him to a knee as he goes back on the assault with his rambling*

Dean Dellachecka: "This office is a mess, didn't your mother ever teach you to clean up after yourself? Of course she didn't, what's your plans for the show tonight? What action are planning on taking against the group of hooded men that attacked your highest paid Employees last week huh?"

*Matt mumbles for a moment as he is put on the spot before Dean continues*

Dean Dellachecka: "That's what I thought, you haven't got a plan... Well good thing I'm here to hold your hand Maddie, now listen here and listen good, tonight if and when these guys show up, they will be handled by my men here and they will be terminated with extreme prejudice."

*Dean gets in close to the camera and spits as he talks angrily*

Dean Dellachecka: "Now I know you boys are out there so let me address you personally, after tonight, whatever "message" you thought you were gonna send to my Superstars on MY roster will mean nothing, but a distant memory, it will be overshadowed by the message my men and I personally send to the world when I paint the ring red with your dead limp carcasses!"

*Dean steps back showing his bright red panting face before he turns to Matt Lebleux*

Dean Dellachecka: "Now as for your situation..."

Matt Lebleux: "Situation? What situation??"

*Dean snaps his fingers*

Dean Dellachecka: "Bring her in."

*The large horde of black suited men grows even bigger as more step in quickly. In between the horde of men can be seen a bright red dress leading down a set of long beautiful legs. Brown hair can be seen draped over a set of shoulders with a set of luscious red lips hidden along with the woman's face behind the men. Suddenly the men part slowly and her face is revealed*

Alana Alexandra: "Long time no see Matthew."

*Matt's eyes grow large as he turns away and fumes as he stares at the TV screen before he talks with his back to the President*

Matt Lebleux: "Sir, what the hell is she doing in my office."

Dean Dellachecka: "Well you see, after tonight this may not be your office. You yourself made the ignorant decision to put your own career and future job position in the hands of a no good Jobber, so I being the genius president that I am sonny, have gone ahead and found a replacement for you in the event that you DO lose your job."

*Matt Lebleux slams his hand on the end of his bookshelf causing a few to fall over on themselves*

Matt Lebleux: "Now why the hell would you go and do a thing like that... Sir!"

*Dean approaches Matt and rests a hand on his shoulder as he smiles*

Dean Dellachecka: "Because Maddie, a good leader ALWAYS covers his own ass, something you fail to do on a daily basis, you see you're young. You got too much pride, too much testosterone, you don't know how to run this company and that's why you are always coming up short, but tonight... oh tonight you come up way too short, shorter than you've ever come up..."

*Matt Lebleux growls under his breath*

Dean Dellachecka: "So do Alana here favor and clean up this pigsty before you go."

*Dean Dellachecka removes his hand and leaves the office as the horde of men and Alana follow close behind. After the door shuts Matt throws a snowglobe from his shelf and it shatters across the room with water and glass spilling everywhere. Matt shouts as the camera fades*

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PostSubject: Re: Alana's Retribution (RP 1)   Thu Jul 11, 2013 2:17 am

awesome.Change is coming indeed :KFC: 
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Alana's Retribution (RP 1)
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