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 Tears, Sweat, and Blood

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PostSubject: Tears, Sweat, and Blood   Thu Jul 11, 2013 6:01 pm

 *We cut to the Sports Bar where Baby B brings two shots of brown liquid and puts them next to three others.  Kid A stares at her with his pint of beer.*

Kid A: "Is this another one of your presentations?"

Baby: "My most important one yet.  But first tell the people what you think is the most important thing in life is."

*Kid A looks at her with a confused look until he notices the camera for the first time.  He shakes his head and sighs.*

Kid A: "That bit about crushing their enemies, seeing them go down in front of you and hearin' the lamentations of their women?"

Baby: "We'll review that women bit later... how does this fit into IWA?"

Kid A: "Hell because everyone seems to be tryin' to do this.  We got everyone proclaimin' their the end all be all of toughness and mostly it just seems like they're runnin' their mouth just to hear the sound of their own voice."

Baby: "There are some, though that warrant this talk.  Like you with the title."

Kid reaches next to him and puts the Heavyweight Title on his shoulder.

Kid A: "I'm not one to talk much.  I just go in the ring and prove myself in battle."

Baby: "There are others too.  Like your opponent tonight.  Wouldn't you say he has some honest boasting rights?"

Kid A: "To some extent... but he overdoes it like some of the others."

Baby: "Right.  But this is a good thing for us."

Kid A: "How?  It's just annoyin'."

Baby: "Well consider these.  With every position, *she takes shot #1* victory, *she takes shot #2* championship, *she takes shot #3* award, *she breaths and takes shot #4* and crown *she takes shot #5, sways and looks down* he gets drunk with confidence.  If one is like Bobby Gruesome and you can't handle your stuff, this turns to arrogance and you make mistakes."

*She looks up and smiles.  Her face is a little red but she seems fine as she moves some hair out of her eyes.*

Baby: "If one is like us, and you can handle your drink, this confidence is all you need to drive yourself to victory.  It's just a little buzz gotten by good, well fought and powerful victories.  Are you with me?"

*She points past Kid A and towards the camera until she squints and points correctly.  Kid laughs.*

Kid A: "Yeah I'm with ya.  It's what I thought to due to Gruesome's slow climb.  He's just some suit that decided to get dirty.  Our match is gonna go on 'til there's only one of us left standing.  I'll make sure to get him real dirty.  He doesn't know tears, sweat, and blood like I do.  Those have made up my world since I was a little boy and it's my world.  I'm gonna drown him in these sacred things just for even thinking that crown puts him above me.  He's gonna get real dirty in this match and in the end when they're stitching him up he's gonna be thinkin' the same thing as those doubters who witnessed it: 'Now I know why Kid's champion.'"

*Baby claps once and nods.  She motions for more shots but Kid puts her arm down and finishes his pint.*

Kid A: "Show and tell is over. Let's go get serious."

*She looks up at him in awe and smiles.*

Baby: "Let's go show 'em."
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Tears, Sweat, and Blood
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