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 On the Lookout

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PostSubject: On the Lookout   Thu Jul 11, 2013 7:20 pm

*We go to the parking lot as Kid A and Baby B arrive.  Autumn runs towards them with a microphone.  She makes sure she has it on and begins.*

Autumn: "Uh, hey, guys.  I've been sent to find out what you think about what happened at the end of last weeks Termination."

Baby: "Where's Rachel?"

*Autumn stops and looks wide-eyed at being asked a question, but recovers and keeps up talking really fast.*

Autumn: "Well she's busy with her match and her new friends so Justin's been picking up the slack but he's busy too so they got me to-"

Baby: "Ok, ok, geeze."

Kid A: "You wanna know about last week?  It's just two cowards tryin' to make their mark.  They ain't cowards cause of the ambush.  That was a damn fine spectacle.  They're cowards cause they ain't show their faces.  If I did somethin' like that I'll put a real big signature on it, that's for sure."

Autumn: "In the confusion at the start why did you go for Cory?"

Kid A: "Just an old instinct."

*He smirks and looks back at Baby who rolls her eyes.*

Baby: "We're ready for anything after what's been happening to us lately.  These guys made a big impact real fast but they'll be back."

Kid A: "I hope so.  There's a whole lot of people makin' my list lately.  These are just two more bodies to add to the eventual pile."

Autumn: "Oh, um..."

*She thinks for a while and Baby gets impatient.*

Baby: "Don't you have something to call?"

Autumn: "Right, uh, thanks for the interview and good luck in your match."

*She runs away leaving them shaking their heads.*
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On the Lookout
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