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 Fate Decided (closed)

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PostSubject: Fate Decided (closed)   Thu Jul 11, 2013 7:49 pm

*The camera fades backstage where Daniel Johnson is seen relaxing with his arms above his head sitting on a slightly tilted chair. Daniel Johnson then gets up from his relaxing position and faces the camera properly*

Daniel Johnson: "Now last week, Some unknown figures just walked into Columbia Stadium where we had our show and attacked every single person in the ring including myself"

*Daniel Johnson brings in a smile*

Daniel Johnson: "While our so called partner, Calixte planned on chickening out of there, the other five were actually trying to fight out of that but again who wasn't exhausted from that 15 minutes match? So the two unknown figures took advantage. But here's the interesting part. They planned on attacking us five, the top ones in the company right now and Matt Lebleux couldn't care less"

*Daniel Johnson pauses*

Daniel Johnson: "I mean sure, he doesn't like me but the others were champions. Or it may just be that he realized his last days of being a GM has come and planned to actually do that"

*Daniel Johnson pretends to think a little*

Daniel Johnson: "But again, I may not be right but this is just what I think. Because they did attack Cory Atlas as well. But if I know that old bastard really well then he can do anything to fool anyone for himself. I don't know whats going on through that old freak's brain but I could care less. All I know is that tonight, I am gonna go out there, beat the crap outta Cory Atlas, make him beg for mercy and then finally make him say I quit. You chose this fate yourself, so like it or not, its not gonna turn out well for you tonight"

*The camera slowly fades away as Daniel Johnson gets up from the chair and walks away*
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Fate Decided (closed)
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