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 Hungry for Gold (closed)

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PostSubject: Hungry for Gold (closed)   Tue Jul 16, 2013 11:25 am

*Stronger by Kanye West hits blasts through the speakers. The crowd sends in a series of booing. Daniel Johnson walks out with Eric Jones wearing a sleeveless sweatshirt and replica pants while Eric Jones is wearing a t-shirt with pants. Daniel Johnson and Eric Jones stop at the stage. The music slowly fades away as they begin to look around the stadium. Daniel Johnson extends his arm towards Eric Jones. Eric Jones gives the mic in his hand. Daniel Johnson then slowly takes his hood off and holds the microphone by his mouth*

Daniel Johnson: "Now what happened last night was what disappointed me so much. I kicked Matt Lebleux out of this company for good and I was never the big deal last night. Heck, I wasn't even in the main event. Instead you had Kid A and Bobby Gruesome going one on one in a Last Blood Match for the World Heavyweight Championship match"

*The crowd starts cheering after hearing that. Daniel Johnson smiles and mouths something to Eric Jones*

Daniel Johnson: "Bobby never deserved that match. He got it only because I was out of his way after Cory Atlas caused me the King of IWA semi-finals match. He never deserved a World Title Match. Ever since I joined this company, I have been getting screwed after one night to another"

*Daniel Johnson looks at the crowd as they start booing him*

Daniel Johnson: "Back in November, in the elimination chamber, I came tiny bit close to becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion, And at King of IWA match two pay per views ago, I had all in hand until Cory Atlas screwed me over and after last night I'm done with this. Gunner doesn't deserve the title. He went on and grabbed the meal that I threw away. He basically took away my chance of becoming the next World Heavyweight Champion. I always had that one hatred side of me about Kid A. The man to me never looked like a champion. He was just a little farm boy with his sister walking around showing off his title but come this pay per view, I will shut each and every one of you and each and every one of the IWA roster when I finally get that title around my waist. There is nobody in IWA Roster that is more hungrier for the title than me. Everybody has had a chance at a title but me. And you know I'm capable of taking out Enigmatic Savior for the Unified Title or Titus Alexius Muttley for the Hardcore Title or hurricane earl lockyer for the International Championship but I am going for the big one. And this time, there will be no Cory Atlas to cause me a match. No Romulus to stop me or No Matt Lebleux to overpower me with his GM power. Tonight, I don't want a match against Gunner. The others can have a shot at the title while I sit back and watch. Because come this pay per view, y'all will be just there to witness a true champion being crowned the right way"

*Daniel Johnson throws his microphone down on the stage. Eric Jones pats Daniel Johnson on the chest to turn around. Stronger by Kanye West plays across the arena again as Eric Jones and Daniel Johnson exit the ring*
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Hungry for Gold (closed)
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