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 Fluke... that's what it was

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PostSubject: Fluke... that's what it was   Wed Jul 17, 2013 10:27 am

Justin Oemga is seen inside a locker room with a microphone

Justin: Ladies and Gentlemen... Chris Sparks

Boos can be heared from outside in the arena, Chris smiles hearing the boos

Justin: Chris, your mentor and friend Bobby Gruesome couldn't-

Chris snatches the microphone, and glares at Justiin

Chris: Show some respect, and it's King Gruesome, he is still the king and still the greatest wrestler to ever step foot in this business... Now, what is it you wish to ask... peasant?

Chris tosses the mic back to Omega, then puts on shades

Justin: Well... Bobby...err King Gruesome... was unable to pull off the win against Kid A... then after the match Gunner cashed in his Contract in the Case, thus winning the World Heavyweight Championship Title... what are your thoughts...

Sparks:.... Fluke... it all was just a fluke. King Gruesome, might have been a little off at the Paper-View, but believe me he is the future of this company, if not already it. As for Gunner, he won the CITC match, a match that I, the winner of the Rising Star Tournament should have been in. And now Gunner has painted a big red X as a target onto himself. You see... you've somewhat interested the Genesis... and just know... being in the interest of the Genesis, is NOT a positive thing for you. However I at the moment have other business to attend to... And if the King is selected to face Gunner tonight, I WILL be at Ringside for my King... our interview is over...

Chris Sparks leaves the interview and goes into his locker room
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Fluke... that's what it was
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