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 Season Goals

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Hurricane Earl Lockyer

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PostSubject: Season Goals   Tue Jul 23, 2013 2:31 pm

*As Earl is returning from the ring he meets Justin Omega*

Justin: "Hey Earl, got time for an interview?.

Earl: "Yeah, come to our locker room"

*Justin and Earl arrive at the Kardinal Sinners locker room, the show cut to commercial*

*The show returns and Justin is in the Sinners locker room*

Justin: "Hello, I'm here with the Kardinal Sinners, you guys are coming off an up and down ppv, what are your goals for this season"?

Sarah: "Up and down, are we talking about the ppv or Alana's panties, yes Laura and Cameron got a fluke win over us, but believe me it will never happen again".

Justin: "Ok then, Roussimoff, what are your goals for this season"?.

Roussimoff: "My goals will be revealed in due time".

Justin: " And Stewson you come up short in the hardcore title match, what are your goals for the season"?.

Stewson: "First of all why would I want to hold a joke title like the hardcore, let's face it, the hardcore title will have more hands on it than Alana on a Saturday night, My goal has always been the unified title, and by the end of this season I will be the unified champion, so how about it for goals, huh".

Justin: "Earl, you beat one of the IWA's top stars Perry Jenkins twice in back to back weeks, do you think that will elevate you"?.

Earl: "Of course it won't Justin, because the IWA is to stupid and too afraid to because simply put they know I can beat anybody on this roster, and therefore they will do whatever it takes to keep me from rising to the top, now I don't know if we have any matches tonight, but let me say this, if I have a match, I guarantee that person will never be seen again".

Justin: "Thank-you for your time"

Earl: "It's been your pleasure".

*The camera fades to black.*
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Season Goals
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