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 Hardcore Glory, Bold Invite

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Titus Alexius Muttley

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PostSubject: Hardcore Glory, Bold Invite   Wed Jul 24, 2013 12:10 am

*IWA Ring was covered in darkness and the fans was silenced as if they are waiting for the next event. A spotlight hits the center of the ramp.

"Indestructible - Disturbed" hits the stage and a sound of war is covering the entire arena and the fans raise their signs and poster of IWA Juggernaut. Titus Alexius Muttley goes to the spotlight to enjoy the limelight of IWA Universe."

Autumn: "Ladies and gentlemen! From South Lake, Texas! Weighing 225 lbs! The IWA War Master and Hardcore Champion! Titus Alexius Muttley!"

Barrage of shots from a machine gun are heard over the arena as if the arena is in a War Field

Titus Alexius Muttley raise his two hands and immediately putting it down, Suddenly high flames light on, as though the ‘Tron was set to fire!

Titus Alexius Muttley walks down the ramp while making a few hand shake with his puppies, Titus Alexius Muttley makes his way to the steel steps and enters the ring

bringing his sledgehammer with the Hardcore Championship Belt slung into his broad shoulder. He is wearing a black leather rider jacket with a big Cerberus logo behind, in a black and white leather pants with his 15 inches boots.

spotlight lit upon him and two Pyrotechnics red and blue, blow at each corner of the ring

People of IWA erupts with loud cheer and they continue to chant Titus Alexius Muttley, Raising several posters and fansigns as a support for the Hardcore Champ. Muttley grabs the microphone from Autumn and he raise it to his lips and start his regards to IWA Universe.*

Titus Alexius Muttley: "Hell yeah!!! HARDCORE... Hardcore stands for me and the goddess of hardcore smile upon me... I now have this title, I am now belong to the greatest under this industry..."

*IWA Universe gets wild after hearing those words from Muttley.*

IWA Universe: "Titus... Muttley... Titus... Muttley..."

Titus Alexius Muttley: "It feels great to hear people cheering for you but it feels even greater to have this emblem right into my shoulder... RED... BLACK... GOLD... Colors that complete me, colors that describe me... During the War Games VIII: "Invasion". I successfully defeat other challengers for this Title! Let's watch the replay for the footage."

*Titus Alexius Muttley points to the Titantron and a clip rolls.*

(Clip from Invasion match, I can't find the link... Kindly help me with this one Very Happy)

Titus Alexius Muttley: "Wooo! Woooo! Wooooo! Everything ends with the Huge Howl Smash coming from me... All my efforts and hardwork... It all paid off... Now... I will make myself clear, this title is the most vulnerable title in IWA..."

Rhys Trebian: "Muttley is correct, We've seen many changes under this title in a short time. I am sure someone is waiting for an opportunity to snatch that glory out of his hand."

Ken Comaro: "I am sure he knows that, don't ruin his celebration Rhys."

*IWA Universe chants for the colors of Hardcore Championship Belt.*

IWA Universe: "RED... BLACK... GOLD..."

*Titus Alexius Muttley waits for the cheering to subside and he continue with his regards.*

Titus Alexius Muttley: "I said that I'll make my name embedded in IWA History... I will make this title as my trademark... Next to my name... I will make it mine for eternity... I know how dangerous to have this, but extreme doesn't need any precautions... I am inviting flukes and wannabes to get a shot for this glory... A shot for the Title of Hardcore Demon!"

*Titus Alexius Muttley raise the Hardcore Championship above his head and it was followed by huge cheer coming from IWA Universe.*

Titus Alexius Muttley: "I will bring hardcore right into your guts!!! Hardcore is me... Hardcore means..."

*Titus take a deep breathe and he shout out loud his name together with IWA Universe.*

T.A.M & IWA Universe: "TITUS... ALEXIUS... MUTTLEY..."

*Titus Alexius Muttley drops the microphone and Indestructible by Disturbed hits the IWA Arena and he take his exit. Leaving IWA fans chanting for his name and wanting him to see in action for Hardcore.*
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Hardcore Glory, Bold Invite
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