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PostSubject: Off-Season   Mon Jul 29, 2013 5:36 pm

*Backstage Kid A is stalking through the hall opening and closing random doors and startling the people inside.  Then Baby B runs up behind him to stop him.*

Baby: "He's not gonna hear us out.  We're waisting our time."

Kid A: "I just wanna talk to him."

Baby: "There's talking and there's talking to you.  Just calm down a bit, yeah?  It's up here."

*They come up to a nicer area and find Dean Dellachecka's office.  Baby knocks on it twice and Kid tries the locked doorknob.  Suddenly it opens up and a redheaded mousy woman steps out with a clipboard and a microphone.*

Cathy Knight:  "Hi, Kid A.  Baby B.  I'm Cathy, Cathy Knight.  I- um, Mr. Dellachecka is busy and he figured you guys would come by, but he sent me to-."

Kid A:  Who are ya?  Get out the way.

Baby:  Kid.

*Cathy holds up her ID card in front of Kid's face and blocks his path.*

Cathy Knight: "I'm, well I was an intern and now I'm supposed to do this, I guess.  I have some info for you guys and I guess I should ask you some things to check on how you're doing..."

Kid A: "How we're doin'?  How do you think we're doin' lady?"

Cathy Knight: "Oh I can imagine.  Is it because you finally lost?"

Kid A: "No I don't care about that.  Never did.  I just went out there to fight every week and it was just a happy coincidence.  Just like Daniel Johnson getting jealous, or something, and attackin' me.  And just like this new guy Gunner takin' his chance and cashin' in on me.  I don't care about winnin', and I don't care that I finally lost.  I was no stranger to losing before I came to the IWA and I learned from each one just like this one.  A loss is a scar that you can look on and fire you up.  I have a lot of scars..."

Cathy Knight: "I can see that accounts for this attitude."

*Kid A goes wide eyed and is about to blow up again but Baby places a hand on his chest.*

Baby: "You said you had some info for us?"

Cathy Knight: "Right.  It says here that there was a vote going on for who should face Gunner tonight.  If Kid A doesn't get chosen then he's to face this guy."

*She points to something on the clipboard and shows Baby and Kid.*

Cathy Knight: "It says he's one of the most decorated wrestlers in IWA.  That's good, right?  Huh?"

Kid A: "It ain't the little girl Daniel Johnson and it ain't Gunner."

Baby: "But he'll do.  It would be good to clear your mind until you get back in the title picture."

Kid A: "It's all just to keep me busy and distracted but I'll play along for now.  I'll tear up this guy like a chew toy and sharpen my fangs for the big show."

Baby: "Just one match at a time, Kid.  Think of this as the Title being off-season for a time."

Cathy Knight: "Yeah working your way back up from the bottom can be rewarding too, right?"

*Kid A glares at her and Baby actually laughs.  Cathy quickly averts her eyes and looks down at her clipboard until they walk by.  She flinches when Baby pats her on the shoulder and sighs in relief when she's alone and the shot fades.*
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