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 Defending the title

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PostSubject: Defending the title   Thu Aug 01, 2013 11:53 am

*Cathy Knight is walking backstage looking at a clipboard when she see's someone. She walks quickly towards him.*

Cathy Knight: Hey, Enigmatic Savior! Wait a moment!

*Enigmatic Savior pauses and then looks at Cathy.*

Enigmatic Savior: And who are you?

Cathy Knight: I'm the new interviewer and it says on my clipboard I should ask you about your match at the PPV.

Enigmatic Savior: Good question, I did what I told everyone that I would do when I beat Nick and proved that I am the best in the business.

Cathy Knight: It also says I should ask about the rumors that you may be stripped of your title due to non-defence of it.

Enigmatic Savior: Whoa, that's not my fault. Look at the guys I've faced since I won the title. I've beaten Bford, Hurricane Earl Lockyer, Logan Acid and a load of other guys but management made those matches non-title. But don't worry I plan to rectify that problem tonight.

Cathy Knight: What do you mean?

*Enigmatic Savior smiles.*

Enigmatic Savior: You'll find out later.

*Enigmatic Savior walks off as the camera pans out.*
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Defending the title
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