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 Enigmatic Savior/Goliatha bio

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Enigmatic Savior
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PostSubject: Enigmatic Savior/Goliatha bio   Thu Aug 01, 2013 12:22 pm

Name: Enigmatic Savior
Billed From: San Antonio, Texas
Alignment: Tweener/Heel

Bio: Enigmatic Savior began in the business when he ended the career of Nick 'C4' Ford by superkicking him after Nick refused to train him because he was not worthy in his eyes. Enigmatic Savior is a veteran of the industry and has dominated all the federations he has been in. He joined IWA with the goal of facing Nick in a match so that he can prove that he could beat him which he achieved at Ascension.

Enigmatic Savior became the IWA Unified Champion under controversial circumstances as he lost the match but due to the stipulation that the ref, Nick 'C4', could not screw Enigmatic Savior, he was awarded the title. As the current IWA Unified Champion, Enigmatic Savior is constantly looking for competition and is willing to take on all oncomers.

Enigmatic Savior does what he wants to do which causes the fans to have different reactions but always gives it his all.


- Enigmatic Savior locks the opponent in a front headlock and twists his neck
and then drives him facefirst onto the mat executing Enigmaticator

Enigmaticution - Enigmatic Savior drags the opponent to the mat and then puts him in a crossface and pulls his neck back executing Enigmaticution

Sudden Impact Superkick (Rarely used) - Enigmatic Savior pushes the opponent away from him and then Enigmatic Savior kicks the opponent in the throat executing Sudden Impact Superkick


S.F.M (Sleep forever More - Dragon Sleeper)
- Enigmatic Savior grabs the opponent from behind and puts his head beneath his arm and drives the opponent's back onto his knee.


Enigmatic Savior kips up and then looks around the arena and smiles executing Revival.


No More Heroes by Slash and Myles Kennedy plays on the stereo as gold, black and silver pyrotechnics go off. Smoke cover the entrance ramp as Enigmatic Savior walks out. He makes his way down to the ring high fiving some fans. He climbs the turnbuckle and looks around the arena. He jumps down and stands in the middle of the ring and waits for his opponent.

Name: Goliatha
Billed From: The Amazon
Alignment: Heel

Bio: Goliatha



Chokeslam -


Will update as soon as possible
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Enigmatic Savior/Goliatha bio
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