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 Phoenix debut (RP 2 pre & post match)

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El Boaro

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PostSubject: Phoenix debut (RP 2 pre & post match)   Tue Aug 06, 2013 4:37 pm


*As we come back from the commercial , the Arena immediatly turns to dark, while "New Born" by Muse starts playing from the speakers. The titantron lights up, showing a pile of ashes. Suddenly the ashes start burning again, and a fiery bird comes flying out from the fire. Smoke starts covering the stage area, as a figure can be seen standing in the smoke with his arms wide open. Then he starts running his way to the ring, as red pyros explodes on both sides of the ramp. He jumps on the apron and slingshots himself inside the ring*

Autumn: "From Guadalajara Mexico, weighing 189 pounds, Phoeniiiiix"

Rhys Trebian: "Nice entrance! Now let's see what he's capable of inside the ring"

Ken Comaro: "Well, he quickly became one of the hottest prospects down in Mexico. This is his chance to shine here in IWA!"


Autumn: "Here's your winner, Phoeniiiiix!!!!"

Ken Comaro: "What an impressive debut for this guy!"

Rhys Trebian: "Did you just see his finishing maneuver? I couldn't even call it, what the hell was that?"

Ken Comaro: "I don't know, but it seemed to be quite effective!"

*As Phoenix is celebrating on the turnbuckle with the crowd, Justin Omega enters the ring with a mic*

Justin Omega: "First of all, welcome to IWA Phoenix, and congratulations for your win!"

Phoenix: "Thank you. It's an honor for me to be here, with such an amazing crowd. They cheered for me during all my match, it was incredible..."

Justin Omega: "And you surely paid the back with a great show. The fans has been tweeting all time during your match, and the intresting thing is the hashtags they used the most: #PhoenixIsAwesome and #NewElBoaro. The comparison with our former International Champion was granted. Are you bothered with that?"

Phoenix: "El Boaro is an amazing competitor, and of course the fans are going to compare us. I knew it when I signed my contract with IWA, but I'm not scared by this comparison. We come from the same federation in Mexico, where he's still the youngest champion in history, and he's one of the best luchadores on the world, even if he seems to have lost his touch in the recent past.."

*Justin Omega tries to ask one more question, but he's stopped by "La Grande V" by Rumatera. The crowd goes on their feet, as El Boaro comes out on the stage"

El Boaro: "It's good to see you here in IWA Phoenix.. My friends down in Mexico told me a lot of things about you... They told me how good you are in the ring, they told me about your speed, they told me that you have no fear to put your body on the line... In simple words, they said that you look a lot like me."

El Boaro: "I'm pretty curious to find out if that's true, so, as you think that I've lost my touch, why don't you meet me inside that ring next week?"

Phoenix: "I didn't mean to offend you, I was only pointing out the fact that you're quite on a losing streak.. As for next week... I have never pulled back from a fight, and I have no intention to start today. See you next week, amigo"

*El Boaro walks to the backstage, while Phoenix rolls out from the ring and high-fives some of the fans of the front row*

Justin Omega: "
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Phoenix debut (RP 2 pre & post match)
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