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 Opening Segment - IWA Award Ceremony Part 1

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PostSubject: Opening Segment - IWA Award Ceremony Part 1   Mon Aug 12, 2013 4:52 pm

*Thousands of people explode in cheers as the camera pans around the stadium to the crowd. A lot of 'IWA: Termination' signs are seen in the crowd. Fireworks start exploding on the stage. The camera slowly pans over to the commentary table to Rhys Trebian and Ken Comaro. They are seen wearing black and white tuxedos with a smile on their faces*

Ken Comaro: "Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you to IWA Termination"

Rhys Trebian: "I am Rhys Trebian alongside with Ken Comaro here ringside at commentary"

Ken Comaro: "We are live here tonight from South Lake, Texas for the first time ever!"

Rhys Trebian: "Tonight we have a 'Champion VS Champion' match here tonight for you where the Unified Termination Champion, Enigmatic Savior takes on South Lake, Texas' very own, the Hardcore Champion, Titus Alexius Muttley"

Ken Comaro: "And not to forget, the main event our General Manager has set here tonight, A tag team match where the unlikely team of Daniel Johnson and Bobby Gruesome take on the team of Kid A and Perry Jenkins with a special guest referee, Bford!"

Rhys Trebian: "That's gotta be one interesting match, Ken. But lets not get carried away by just the matches, guys. Tonight is also our second ever Seasonal Awards' Ceremony. So without any further ado, lets get started with this one heck of a night that all the people from South Lake, Texas will remember"

*The camera shows the empty stage. Justin Omega walks out from the stage waving at the cheering crowd. He is wearing a black tuxedo with a bow tie. He then stands by the podium on stage ready to speak*

Justin Omega: "How are the people of South Lake, Texas here tonight?"

*The crowd starts cheering towards Justin Omega*

Justin Omega: "So we have seen quite a lot of impressive superstar debut or make a drastic return this past season. Trust me when I say this award is a first step towards success in this company. Whoever gets this award here tonight better make a use of it and learn something because you may not get a second chance. So lets see who the 'Best Newcomer of the Past Season' is"

*Justin Omega grabs the paper on the podium beside the microphone and slowly unfolds it. He then leans towards the microphone as he reads the paper*

Justin Omega: "And the winner is..."

*Justin Omega pauses as the drumroll is played across the arena to create intensity*

Justin Omega: "The World Heavyweight Champion, Gunner!"

*Justin Omega starts clapping his hand after putting the paper back down on the podium. He then picks up the award and waits for Gunner to come out. Headstrong by Trapt hits across the arena. Gunner walks out with his World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder and a smile. He then walks straight to the podium. Justin Omega shakes Gunner's hand and hands him the award. Gunner stands by the podium and starts speaking as Justin Omega leaves*

Gunner: "Wow. This is amazing. Its like I was here to just win awards and titles"

*Gunner chuckles a little*

Gunner: "My debut has to be the best debut ever. First I win the CITC Ladder Match and later on that night, I go on and defeat the yet undefeated Kid A for the World Heavyweight Championship. And last week, I kept my legacy after defeating Bobby Gruesome for the World Heavyweight Championship"

*Gunner pauses and takes a moment to look around*

Gunner: "I can see a lot of you think I don't deserve this title or this award because of the way I got it. And Bobby Gruesome was one of them. So I made the odds even last week. There are 4 others that think that they are better than me and they deserve this more. And one of you four is next but its not gonna be tonight. Because after that title defense last week, I deserve a night off. So despite what my dad or Alana Alexandra says, The Champ deserves a night off"

*Gunner smiles at the camera and holds his award in the air. Headstrong by Trapt plays across the arena again as Gunner exits the stage and the camera fades to the next segment*
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Opening Segment - IWA Award Ceremony Part 1
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