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PostSubject: Optimistic   Thu Aug 15, 2013 4:17 pm

*We're backstage where Justin Omega is running down the hall with a microphone.  Some yelling is heard in the distance.  He tackles a poor costume guy then turns the corner to find Kid A and Baby B in an argument.*

Baby: "I just don't like it.  All the odds are against you."

Kid A: "Since when has that stopped me."

Baby: "There are just too many-"

*She notices the cameras and turns away.*

Kid A: "Ah heck, look what you did.  Calm down Omega, I'll give you your words.  We're just getting ready for the match.  See my sister here seems to think that with the people in this match, specifically my so-called partner and this referee, that it'll all go wrong."

Baby: "This Perry Jenkins ain't loyal.  No matter how good he wants people to think he is he turned on his people in a snap.  And Bford is the guy you beat the stuffing out of last week."

Kid A: "But-"

Baby: "Let's not forget that all these guys are going to be facing each other for the title."

Kid A: "It'll be fine, Baby.  As much as I don't like tags I've been alright in 'em.  The fact that my partner and the ref and the other guys are all future opponents this time just makes it all the more important.  Don't you like to strategerize or whatever?"

*Baby pouts and crosses her arms.*

Baby: "Sometimes."

Kid A: "So just keep your eyes peeled here and take mental notes or whatever it is you do.  This match is just data gatherin' and when I win we'll see how good Jenkins is."

Justin Omega: "So you're still optimistic?"

Kid A: "Yeah, of course.  I don't have to say anything to puff myself up.  I've shown what I can do in a fight.  It don't matter if I'm in the ring with one man or twenty.  With friends or foes.  I'll just keep beatin' people up until no one else stays standin' but me.  It'll be like that and if Jenkins wants to stay standin' with me in the end he better behave.  Hasn't it always been like this?"

Baby: "I guess."

*Kid A laughs which sounds strange and wrong since he rarely does it.  He puts an arm around a still huffy Baby and walks off.*

Kid A: "Let's get you some drinks before the match.  We're done here Omega."
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PostSubject: Re: Optimistic   Thu Aug 15, 2013 5:18 pm

Nice! IM so pumped to see how this turns out!

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