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 Kyle Richards bio

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PostSubject: Kyle Richards bio   Fri Aug 16, 2013 12:41 pm

Name: Kyle Richards

Real name: Razvan Georgescu

Age: 33

City: Las Vegas (immigrant)

Height: 5ft 11


Entrance: South of Heaven by Slayer

Nickname: The Skull Crusher, The Eastern Submission Machine, The Torture Device

Build: Submission technician

Alignment: Heel

Bio: Kyle Richards was born in Bucharest, but he remained an orphan at 14. So he started fighting for money in illegal street fights until he saw a wrestling show. He left for Moscow where he was trained in the Ivan Koslov dungeon. At the age of 17 he was the lightweight champion of the Iron Hexangle (MMA federation) but he dropped the title undefeated only to come to USA in pro wrestling. He brought his sick submission style and has been named the Skull Crusher and the Eastern Submission Machine. He has been a loner until he found in HMW Logan Acid. Since then he fought in various feds together with Logan, but his best stint has been in FWE where he has been the last Heavyweght Champion. Now he is in IWA with a new attitude and he wants to make his roots get him again to the ultimate goal: The IWA Heavyweight title. He never stops until he breaks his opponent in half and every match wants to win. Never count on him having mercy. More likely he will stomp you when you're fallen down than help you to your feet. Because in his eyes, one opponent less is an obstacle less. He uses his old finishers (which he perfected in Russia) now and that makes him a Torture Device.

TM-s: Headblow -Modified Vertabreaker -, Celestial Fall -Modified Olympic Slam-, Bones Crusher -Modified Ankle Lock-

Finishers: Punisher (DD finisher)  puts his opponent on his shoulders, hooks his neck with one hand and his legs with the other flexing his back, jumps in the air, dropping him sideways on his head and falls to a seated position

Head Bomber (submission) opens his arms in a threatening gesture squeezing his opponent's temples while hitting him with the knee in the skull repeatedly
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Kyle Richards bio
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