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 V.I.P is coming Promo 1

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PostSubject: V.I.P is coming Promo 1   Fri Aug 16, 2013 2:05 pm

The camera shows a night club and people dancing and partying. A big buff man wearing all black, holding a clipboard, is seen gaurding the entrance. A skinny nerdy looking guy walks up, and is cut off by the man.

Bouncer: Sorry... you ain't on the list

Nerd: But... I-I just left I told you I was-

Bouncer: NOT. ON. THE. LIST

V.I.P walks up with two beautiful women and taps the nerd on the shoulder, he turns around and V.I.P Slaps him making him fall to the ground, the ladies gasp then begin to giggle

Now you can say all you want... and Hate on me... but we all know you're just mad... cuz you're not...

He turns to face the camera

V.I.P: ....V....I....P

He smirks as he and the ladies enter the club and the camera fades out
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V.I.P is coming Promo 1
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