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 Numbers don't matter

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PostSubject: Numbers don't matter   Fri Aug 16, 2013 4:45 pm

Justin Omega is backstage and is heading towards the locker room. The camera focuses on a door which has Enigmatic Savior written on it. The door is slightly open and the camera can see Enigmatic Savior sitting crosslegged with his eyes closed. Justin knocks on the door and Enigmatic Savior opens his eyes.

Enigmatic Savior: What?

Justin enters the room and Enigmatic Savior looks annoyed.

Enigmatic Savior: This better be good Justin.

Justin: Stewson's match is coming up next and I wanted to know your opinion...

Enigmatic Savior: No, no, no and no. You come into my locker room and ask me about someone else's match. What the hell is wrong with you?

Justin looks slightly taken aback.

Enigmatic Savior: Look, tonight I'm going against another champion in a one on one match against a guy who I've never faced before so that's my focus right now. Whether Stewson wins his match makes no difference to me and you know why?

Justin shrugs his shoulders and Enigmatic Savior stands up and looks at him.

Enigmatic Savior: Because it doesn't matter. I could face one guy, two guys, three guys or the whole damn locker room and I would still be the Unified Champion. I'm the best damn wrestler ever and it doesn't matter who I face, I will win and tonight Titus is just another W for me. Now get the hell out of my locker room.

Justin quickly leaves as Enigmatic Savior sits back down. The camera pans out.
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Numbers don't matter
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