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 The arrival of the Torture Device

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PostSubject: The arrival of the Torture Device   Sat Aug 17, 2013 3:24 am

South of Heaven plays into the boxes as Kyle Richards makes his way to the entrance ramp, wearing black jeans a red t shirt and his old black leather jacket. He has a steel chair in hand and walks really slow as the crowd cheers him and some even lift some banners with Welcome Skull Crusher written on it. Kyle stops on the entrance ramp and takes a seat on his steel chair looking at the crowd and shaking his head. He waits for them to calm down and speaks.

"So this is the so called War Zone? A mold of fat men and ugly women? I mean they should call it the Ballroom. Or something like that. Because all i see here is no brain human beings that act before thinking.You cheered me before i even said a word. Do you really think that i am here to kiss your three back letters, tell you how great you are and all the crap that some of those who are backstage tell you? No way. I am here to hurt people and gain money. And gold. And silence the sheeps that cheer before even listening to what a man has to say"

The crowd boos heavily Kyle and in the front row someone raises a You can't wrestle banner. Kyle gest up of his chair, elicits the banner and breaks it. He then takes a seat onto his steel chair and starts speaking, not before shaking his head once more.

"Really? I can't wrestle. Why don't you fat sheep come here to see what i am able to do? Or even better why don't you ask your heroes in the back if they are afraid of me. You see? In some way, you may be right. I don't know to wrestle, i know to torture opponents and get pleasure of that. Yes, it turns me into a monster and i enjoy every single scream of mercy that i cause to my opponent. Back in the East we were not just fighting. No we were killing each other. And they called me the Torture Device because every time i got in the ring, i broke someone's bones or left him unconscious. And i plan on doing the exact same thing here. So if you have the guts, of even if any of your three letter kissers has it, i will more than likely offer him an example"

The crowd screams outlaw and brawler as Kyle Richards listens to them, lets them have their way and then screams like a posessed man

"For the first time tonight and probably for the first time in your pathetic life you got it right. I am a brawler, i love when people beg for mercy and i have them at my disposal. But more than that i love when you all shut your mouths and are worried for your hero's well being. Because from now on each week you will be worried for the well being of your three letter back kissers, and rightfully so. Cause when the Torture Device is turned on, it does not stop until hell is broken loose and the pathetic creatures that can't think are silenced"

Kyle drops the mic in a chorus of boos, grabs his chair and leaves for backstage as the crowd boos him all the way to the locker room and South of Heaven by Slayer can barely be heard
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The arrival of the Torture Device
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