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 Kyle meets Logan Acid

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PostSubject: Kyle meets Logan Acid   Sat Aug 17, 2013 3:39 am

Logan Acid is shown backstage talking to Mick Malone and heading to his locker room. He enters and is about to abandon his Prada suit for the ring gear as someone knocks at his door. Logan does not lift his eyes from his tag team title, while the camera zooms on a black leather jacket and we hear the door closing. The camera zooms on Logan's face who just lifts his eyes, and is shocked to see the man standing in front of him.

Logan Acid: Well, well if it isn't the Torture Device, The Eastern Submission Machine itself. What wind brings you here my friend?

Kyle Richards: I am not sure that's just a wind my friend. You see, i am here just like you a part of this roster. And i want to have a quick word with you. First of all, congrats on grabbing one more tittle. Second, but most important what the hell is wrong with you?

Logan Acid looks a little shocked and wants to talk, but Kyle just wouldn't let him

Kyle Richards: Since when do you need a manager, since when do you need tips?  And most importantly since when are you sattisfied with a secondary title? The Logan i know always wanted power and money. So i am here with a proposal. But, first of all let's get this guy out of the locker room.

Logan shakes his head agreeing and all we can hear is a door closing and someone screaming in pain "Ouch, my head, my face. I am bleeding! Help!"
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Logan Acid

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PostSubject: Re: Kyle meets Logan Acid   Sat Aug 17, 2013 4:21 pm

*They dispose of the camera man and the door is shut so no one hears them*

Logan Acid (faintly): "What do you have to say Kyle?"
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PostSubject: Re: Kyle meets Logan Acid   Sun Aug 18, 2013 1:41 am

Kyle Richards: First of all man, i am here for forgiveness. I costed you a World Title shot at the chamber some time ago and i am still sorry. But you see, it was the time for me to step out of the shadow, it was the time for me to be my own man. I know that at FWE's War Grounds we met and spoke. Since then, i thought a lot of what i did. And the only thing i can say is sorry, man. I am here to recover my mistakes. That is why i came here, not to argue with you but to find my friend and tell him what i have in mind

Logan looks at Kyle, shakes his head as if he understands the situation and shakes Kyle's hand whispering We're cool, now tell me what's on your mind.

Kyle Richards: I never pictured you Logan as a team player. Yes we teamed up several times, but the Best Wrestler on the planet in a tag team is simply a waste of talent. So i propose you to get rid of your useless partner and reform Ruthless Excellence. And show everyone what a ruthless team is all about. As for your League of Legends project do you trust those guys? Because back in NRME or WCI we trusted each other. If so, the plan is easy. We go back to the roots. And that means, bats DDT's on the concrete and chair shots. Because at the end of the day we love hurting people and we love gold. So, let's do it the NRME way. In the chamber it should only be L.O.L men. And if that means torturing until death all the useless wannabes in that  chamber so be it. Or maybe we should make another abduction? Oh, and we need to eliminate Malone. We simply don't need him. What do you say?

Logan smiles at Kyle's proposal and thinks as Kyle salutes him and leaves the locker room, and Logan stands on his chair thinking at what he has to do and how to respond Kyle's proposal
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PostSubject: Re: Kyle meets Logan Acid   

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Kyle meets Logan Acid
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