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 Kardinal Sinners Talk Tag Debut

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Hurricane Earl Lockyer

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PostSubject: Kardinal Sinners Talk Tag Debut   Mon Aug 19, 2013 11:36 pm

*Cathy Knight walks up Jacob Steele and Roussimoff who are talking with Sarah Lane*

Cathy:" Um excuse me"

Sarah: "What do want"?

Cathy: "I'm supposed to ask you how you like being in Alaska"?

Sarah: "I can see how Kid and Baby live here, because this place is as dirty, filthy, and disgusting as they are".

Cathy: "I'm also supposed to ask you about your two men debuting in the tag match tonight'

Sarah: "Jacob tell whatever her name is here what is going to happen to the sinisthaz tonight"

Jacob: " they are going to get destroyed tonight".

Sarah: " Roussimoff what do you think"

Roussimoff: "Tonight those two gothic freak losers become the first of many victims who will feel our wrath"

Sarah: "You have your answers you can leave now"

*Cathy walks away down the hall*
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Kardinal Sinners Talk Tag Debut
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