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 Gunner's Rex Unleashed

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PostSubject: Gunner's Rex Unleashed   Wed Aug 21, 2013 3:13 pm

*The tron lights up and Gunner is seen sitting in a fancy throne like chair. His two mystery men can be seen standing at the chairs flanks with their arms crossed and their hoods casting a shadow over their unrecognizable faces. Kneeling down in front of the chair speaking softly is Jacob Dupree. The IWA Heavyweight Championship is suspended above the throne in clamps. Gunner hushes Jacob as he addresses the camera*

Gunner: "Hello my loyal subjects, this is your Leader speaking."

*The fans in the arena boo loudly as Gunner smiles*

Gunner: "Last week you saw two men wage a war in that ring. Two Kings, one self proclaimed and the other... well the other is me."

*The fans boo heavily again as Gunner continues*

Gunner: "From now on you will address me as King. Nothing less and nothing more. No longer will I stand for little boys making such bold proclamations around my Kingdom. There can be only one King and he shall live long!"

*The two hooded men recite "Long Live The King" in low raspy voices before returning to silence that is soon broken by loud boos of disapproval*

Gunner: "And as your first proclamation as King, I will asure all of you that I bare no equality to this nobody by the name of DJ Bay and therefore I will not allow such a filth to share my presence in that ring..."

*The arena shakes with boos*

Gunner: "But fret not, I have a solution to this problem."

*Dupree pulls out a large golden coin from his chest pocket and hands it to Gunner. Gunner looks to his left and right at the hooded men before tossing the coin up. The coin whistles through the air before it falls to the marble floor bouncing, leaving a loud metal echo throughout the room. The coin hits the floor again, spins and falls flat. Jacob Dupree looks to the coin before he whispers into the ear of Gunner. Gunner smiles widely*

Gunner: "Ah yes, what a matchup it will be... Rex!"

*The smaller of the two men leave his flank and kneel before him. He removes his hood and a rugged face can be seen in the light along with greasy slicked back hair*

Gunner: "Youre up."

*The man turns and grins evily as the camera catches a shot of his face before the tron goes blank with the echoing laughter of Gunners henchman Rex*

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Gunner's Rex Unleashed
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