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PostSubject: Intentions   Fri Aug 23, 2013 2:37 pm

A black Mitsubishi Evo XI enters the parking lot and breaks suddenly. Justin Omega slowly approaches the car and Enigmatic Savior gets out of the passenger side. Enigmatic Savior is wearing jeans and a plain black shirt..

Justin Omega: Hey Savior, what are your plans tonight?

Enigmatic Savior ignores him. He goes back into his car and is looking for something.

Justin Omega: Seriously Savior, what are you going to do with Stewson?

Enigmatic Savior continues to ignores him. He gets out and slams the door and then it drives off. Justin looks shocked.

Justin Omega: Oh damn!

The camera pans towards Enigmatic Savior who is looking directly at the camera and is holding a sledgehammer. Enigmatic Savior smiles.

Enigmatic Savior: That answer your question?

Enigmatic Savior pushes past Justin and makes his way into the arena as the camera pans out.
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