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 Setting the goal

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El Boaro

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PostSubject: Setting the goal   Fri Aug 23, 2013 5:15 pm

*"La Grande V" by Rumatera starts playing in the Arena, as El Boaro runs to the ring high-fiving the fans on his way. After the usuals celebrations on the turnbuckle, he asks for a mic.*

El Boaro: "Last week I finally got my first win after a season of pain and losses. Sure I defeated a rookie, but he surely put up a fierce struggle!"

*Some "Phoenix" chants can be heard coming from the crowd.*

El Boaro: "But the most important thing I realized last week is that finally, I'm back at 100%. My left knee, which bothered me for the whole past season, is no longer hurting me."

*A huge round of applause explodes from the fans, as they start chanting El Boaro's name, as the wrestler thanks them with a bow to every corner of the Arena.*

El Boaro: "Thank you guys, I really appreciate it.."

El Boaro: "But the reason why I'm out here tonight, is to reveal to you my plans for this season. Am I going to try to get back the International Championship? Or should I focus on the Unified Termination Championship? Maybe you want to see El Boaro's wild side, as I chase the Hardcore Title.. "

*Some chants for Muttley can be heard as the crowd cheers for El Boaro*

El Boaro: "My eyes are now on someone who's hiding behind his belt, pretending to be a champion even if he has still to prove he's worthy being called a Champ. Someone who has no rights to hold that belt, since he stole it from the legitimate owner..."

*The crowd starts chanting "Earl still sucks", as El Boaro shakes his head in the middle of the ring"

El Boaro: "I'm not talking about Earl, even if you can easily and rightfully think so.. But don't worry Earl, our paths will cross again soon..."

El Boaro: "I'm speaking of Cory Atlas, and his buddy Logan Acid. I'm speaking of The Flatliners, the current Tag Team Champions, even if not for long..."

*A huge cheer fill the Arena as El Boaro points the ramp with his hand"

El Boaro: "So Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome my new Tag Team partner, a man that earned my respect, a man that I can trust, a man that shares my idea of wrestling.... Phoenix!!"

*"New Born" by Muse plays from the speakers, as Phoenix runs his way to the ring, slides in and shakes El Boaro's hand, while the crowd cheers*

Phoenix: "Flatliners, you better forget abouth those belts, cause they're coming home with us. Say hello to your future Tag Team Champions, the Lucha Saints!!"

"The fans immediatly start chanting "New tag Champs! New Tag Champs!", as the Lucha Saints climb the turnbuckles, quickly exchange a glance and simultaneously perform a backflip, landing on their feet and making the gesture of the belts."
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Perry Jenkins

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PostSubject: Re: Setting the goal   Fri Aug 23, 2013 6:49 pm

Looks like we are finally getting a tag division up

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Setting the goal
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