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 The Sadistic Side of Perry Jenkins Part 1

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Perry Jenkins

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PostSubject: The Sadistic Side of Perry Jenkins Part 1   Fri Aug 23, 2013 7:14 pm

Camera show a room backstage surrounded by candles and a steel chair in the middle of the room.
Perry walks in and sits in the chair as he looks straight into the camera.

Perry Jenkins: "Last week did go as planned. Myself and Kid A technically lost that tag team match last week because Kid A lost his focus and took his eye off the prize. I might as well have been in a handicap match. Kid A isn't the only one to blame here. We had an incompetent man as a referee. Bford your talent as a ref is just a good as your wrestling ability which isn't say much."

Perry gives off a laugh

Perry Jenkins: "Part of me think you screwed me on purpose! You've had it out for me since I tried reaching out to you. You dont believe I changed? Well listen up! Listen to these wonderful people out here who have my back! All my maniacs out there have stuck with me threw thick and thin. If they believe I changed, why can't you! From this point forward I dont care what you think Bford! The only thing I wanna do now is tear your head off that damn body."  

Perry get up off the seat and starts to blow out the candles.
He picks up the last candle and holds it up to his face.

Perry Jenkins: "Don't mess with best...."

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The Sadistic Side of Perry Jenkins Part 1
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