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 The lesson

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PostSubject: The lesson   Sat Aug 24, 2013 6:03 pm

South of Heaven by Slayer plays as a red soft light shows Kyle Richards coming on the entrance ramp wearing a full black biker suit and dragging a human doll with him to the ring. He gets to the ring, he places the doll on a steel chair and starts speaking

"So this is Alaska? This is the country where people used to find their food, chop wood and fight wild animals with no fire guns? Man, it has fallen. It has fallen since YOU payed for this land and brought here your entire political censorship and mercy crap that you put every day on banners and on TV. What made this land so great, actually was the lack of mercy or ethics. People here knew that they need to torture animals only to get their food. At least at first. Then, they found a pleasure in it. Now i am here to demonstrate you why"

The crowd starts booing Kyle only for him to laugh with a sadistic look on his face and start twisting the leg of the doll. He twists it left and right, he picks it up and inserts it under his arm extending it until it breaks. He does the same with the left leg of the doll and just bites them screaming Yummy and spitting the silicone. The crowd makes an ouch noise as Kyle Richards laughs and speaks again

"Ohhhh.....sorry, this was not planned. But, hell, it just felt so good. Imagine how good it must have felt for those who did that to rabbits and foxes. Yes, call me cruel, but i just enjoy having fun"

As the crowd boos, Kyle doesn't even pay attention. Instead he inserts his arm behind doll's armpits and bends them to the back just tying them together only to pull them really hard backwards and break them directly of the puppet's shoulders. Some fans in attendance cover their eyes while Kyle Richards laughs as a mad man

"Of course you cover your eyes. If i would have had a machete, you would have at least thought that i have a weapon. But with my bare hands, it gives you chills thinking that maybe some day it could happen to you. Flash news, it will. And you know why? Because you got soft, you got fat and you destroyed the last natural thing on this earth: Alaska. But the spirit remains. And you all know, that you can run, but never hide. "

Kyle laughs and grabs the doll from her shoulders making her stand then he places his foot exactly at the sixth vertebrae of the spine and presses hard making the doll break into pieces as the crowd chants to him lunatic and tormentor. Kyle goes on with his sick laughter, then he gets the upper body of the doll and starts choking and twisting the neck and in a matter of seconds he breaks it. He then starts laughing as the crowd boos him so hard and gets to the mic.

"So you did not like it, right? This is not entertaining for you? Neither should it be. This is a torture lesson, this is the symbol of what the epythome of the man should be. Pleasure coming from science used as a weapon. You see me standing here preparing for my opponent, while you are out there with your fat bellys and your crappy food praying for someone to stop me. It WON'T HAPPEN! Because this is my mindset, the mindset that has been cultivated back in the East, break bones and torture for pleasure. And i will feel that pleasure in a matter of minutes, because i will kill my opponent and all of you will see what the Torture Device stands for if this free lesson hasn't given you a clue"

Kyle drops the mic and leaves the ring laughing sadistically as South of Heaven plays and the crowd makes the music unlistenable screaming: Die tormentor die!
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The lesson
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