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 Heroes Welcome

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Hurricane Earl Lockyer

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PostSubject: Heroes Welcome   Sun Aug 25, 2013 11:30 pm

*Flirtin with Disaster plays in the arena, Earl appears on stage, the arena erupts in cheers, Earl makes his way to the ring, he enters the ring, climbs the ropes and salutes the crowd, Earl raises the mic*

Earl: "If you people are cheering me that can only mean one thing, I'm in Edmonton Alberta, and I'm home"

*Crowd: Welcome Home Welcome Home Welcome Home*

Earl: "Edmonton, how are you all tonight"?

*The crowd cheers loudly*

Earl: "You know it's good to be back in my hometown, and good to be International Champion for people like you, with that said here tonight I have to face an opponent picked by my opponent at the PPV The Hysteric"

*The crowd boo hearing Hysteric's name*

Earl: "But that's ok because whoever my opponent is he will get his ass handed to him by The Human Natural Disaster, the Greatest International Champion of all time Hurricane Earl Lockyer, thank you all you fans are awesome"

*Earl leaves the ring and interacts with the fans as he makes his way backstage*
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Heroes Welcome
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