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 World Title Match Promo

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PostSubject: World Title Match Promo   Mon Aug 26, 2013 4:48 pm

*A video is played. IWA logo pops up for about 4 seconds and then fades away to Supremacy official poster. Slowly IWA ring is shown as an unknown voice is echoed in the video*

Voice: "IWA... A place where champions are made"

*Kid A is shown standing in the ring with his World Heavyweight title on his shoulder beside Baby B*

Voice: "A show everybody looks forward to"

*The different stadiums and crowds are seen cheering as the video skips from one stadium chants to another*

Voice: "But a rule of wrestling never keeps everyone happy"

*Bobby Gruesome is shown lying on the mat with Gunner in the center of the ring with his title*

Voice: "For every winner.... a loser"

*Daniel Johnson and Matt Lebleux are seen celebrating in the ring after Thirst for power pay per view. The camera then slides a little to the side to show Alana Alexandra outside of the ring*

Voice: "Every trial... a defeat"

*A little clip of Bford being laid out by Kid A is shown. The clip then skips to Supremacy poster with the fans cheering*

Voice: "On the horizon awaits a new pay per view"

*A background trumpet is heard playing slowly*

Voice: "A new opportunity"

*The clip cuts to Perry Jenkins standing tall in the ring with the referee raising his arm in the air*

Voice: "A redemption"

*Bobbby Gruesome is shown walking away from the ring*

Voice: "For Glory"

*Daniel Johnson is seen looking mad in the ring leaning towards the ropes*

Voice: "For immortality"

*Kid A is seen walking out of Invasion pay per view*

Voice: "These braves will take it to the ring to battle shoulder to shoulder, face-to-face"

*Daniel Johnson, Bobby Gruesome, Kid A, Perry Jenkins, Gunner & Bford are seen standing in the ring together*

Voice: "The hunger..."

*Daniel Johnson's face is shown*

Voice: "The determination"

*Clip fades to Perry Jenkins' face*

Voice: "To Push limits"

*Bford is shown punching The Rave looking tired with blood dripping from his face*

Voice: "To fight back"

*Gunner is shown sending in punches to Bobby Gruesome in ring*

Voice: "To Win"

*Bobby Gruesome is shown wearing his crown*

Voice: "... And Celebrate!"

*The camera cuts right to 'Kid A' chants across the stadium and Kid A celebrating with the fans. The sound slowly fades down and then suddenly rises up as we hear the voice again*

Voice: "New challenge will emerge"

*Daniel Johnson & Kid A are seen going head to head against each other*

Voice: "In the name of honour"

*Bford is seen with Nick C4 Ford by his side*

Voice: "For the sake of becoming... THE BEST!"

*Perry Jenkins and Daniel Johnson are seen staring at each other in the ring*

Voice: "Tonight, these six will battle for the most prestigous title of IWA, The World Heavyweight Title"

*The World Title is shown in the clip*

Voice: "Who will battle to their extreme and who will fall...."

*The camera skips from one person to another person until all six challengers are shown*

Voice: "And who will emerge... SUPREME?"

*The sound of crowd cheering can be heard. The clip then fades to the World Heavyweight Championship match poster. The clip then slowly fades to black*

This should go before World Title Match at the ppv... Unless I change my mind abt this promo rp Razz
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World Title Match Promo
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